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Celebrity Online Gamblers

There is an increasing demand for celebrities who are playing poker. It seems as if the world can’t have enough of poker lately. Celebrities constitute a large following in the international poker scene. It is indeed a rising segment in poker.

Online casino is a growing trend in all nations of the world, every way you look there’s another poker tournament VIP spots reserved for top-players or famous movie stars or prime-figures of the poker industry.

Every day thousands of online casino players spend hours playing, the amounts of cash spent every day by poker players is worth million of dollars and where there’s money there is also the media.

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck is a proven poker champion. In 2004, he won the Commerce Casinos California State Poker Championship in which 90 players had participated including professional players like Chuck Pacheco, president and co-founder of Castle Rock Entertainment, who finished 3rd and Stan Goldstein, who finished in the 2nd place.

Ben Affleck spent four nights a week playing poker online, unfortunately at some time, he looses $20,000 a night.

Jennifer Tilly
Jennifer Tilly became involved with poker in the same way that many other Hollywood celebrities have in the last few years: through playingon television celebrity poker programs. She appeared on an episode of Celebrity Poker Showdown on Bravo during its second season, and also played in the World Poker Tour’s third Hollywood Home Game episode.

Jennifer Tilly won the Ladies no- limit Texas HoldEmevent at the World Series of Poker the first time a celebrity has won an event at the famous tournament. Jennifer Tillys skillful play and admitted good luck earned her $158,625.

Matt Damon
Matt Damon had the opportunity of being coached by poker legend Johnny Chan, along with co-star Edward Norton, during the shooting of one of the best gambling movies, Rounders. He is said to be such a cool gambler that he has been rumored to have been offered $1 million by, an online gambling giant, as endorsement.

Shannon Elizabeth
Perhaps best known for her starring turn in Hollywood’s American Pie series of teen comedies, Shannon Elizabeth is beginning to make a name for herself in the poker world as well.

Shannon Elizabeth has established her table presence in a number of celebrity tournaments, including the 4th edition of Celebrity Poker Showdown and the 1st Annual Nicky Hilton New Year’s Eve Poker Tournament at Caesars Palace, in which she outlasted 91 other celebrities and poker professionals to claim first place and the largest chunk of the $120,000 prize pool.

Lou Diamond Phillips
Lou Diamond Phillips is a great poker player that’s why he did not have any second thoughts when he was asked to partner with and create an instructional video about poker. The focus of the instructional video is the Texas Hold’em. The video include tips offered by Lou Diamond and perceptions on his favorite poker skills and betting strategies. He explains in an articulate manner how Texas Hold’em is played.

It seems that gambling can get the best of us! Famous personalities and celebrities also have their share of taking time out to gamble. Celebrity casino players are spread all over Las Vegas but are obviously given the special treatment and separate private rooms so that they are not caught up being peeped and disturbed by other people who often want to catch a glimpse of them.