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List Of The Hottest Female Celebrities

Today you are about to know who is on the top 10 list of the hottest female celebrities in the world. Of course I made that list by myself but most of you should agree with me. Also I believe that it is impossible to create a list with the hottest celebrities so that everybody would be happy. It is a question of taste. For example I like Angelina Jolie and a lot of people think she sucks. We can argue all day long but it is hard to change peoples own opinion. So, relax for the next few minutes as you are about to know top ten hottest and famous chicks.
10. Angelina Jolie. I dont if that might seem to you banal but Angie surely deserved to be on this list because she is an example of sexuality. But on my list she is only 10th. So lets give a warm welcome to this unbelievably sexy 34 year old woman.
9. On the 9th place I think it would be fair to include Kim Kardashian as she is so sexy that it is impossible to resist that woman. She is 29 years old and she looks perfect. The most interesting thing to watch is sure Kim Kardashian in bikinis on some beach Unbelievably gorgeous woman
8. I saw once Evangeline Lily bikinis picture and said to myself. Why we couldnt see her much wearing bikinis during Lost? She has a gorgeous body and her face lines are just amazing. Everyone who knows her will tell you that. She is my favorite character of Lost. I love Kate and she is hot.
7. How can I forget about Avril Lavigne? She is surely my first love. When she was climbing on top I was watching