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Hair Extension Specialists At Inanch London.

If you are looking for a hair extension specialist, then look no further than Inanch Emir at Inanch London. With over 12 years experience in the specialist field of hair extensions, Inanch has won numerous awards including being recently awarded Great Lengths UK Hair Extensionist of the Year 2010. With so much experience in the field, Inanch really is one of the best hair extensions specialists there are. She has been able to build up a global reputation for delivering only the best results using Great Lengths high-quality human hair and giving clients and celebrities alike the hair they’ve always wanted.

It is important to make sure you visit a qualified, professional and experienced hair extensions specialist if you want hair extensions fitted. Great Lengths hair extensions are renowned for how safe they are to the hair, but ill-fitting extensions can do a lot of damage to the natural hair. Incorrectly fitted extensions can cause hair breakage and even for hair to fall out so make sure you get them fitted properly. With all her years of experience, Inanch knows exactly how to get the most natural looking results by using the safest equipment there is.

Her list of happy celebrity clientele goes to show just how good she really is. She has worked on the celebrity locks of Hollywood TV Actress Mischa Barton, supermodel Eva Herzigova, model Danielle Lloyd and socialite Peaches Geldof to name but a few. If you fancy feeling like a celebrity then Inanch London is the salon for you! From the consultation stage to when you leave the salon, you will be made to feel welcome and relaxed by the friendly, professional staff who will tend to your every need.

It isn’t just the celebs who think Inanch is a pro when it comes to hair extensions, the press have labelled her -One of the UK’s leading hair extensions specialists- and according to Vogue magazine’s beauty editors she is -the hair extensions fairy.- Creative Head goes as far as to say she is a -hair extensions makeover magician.-

It is no wonder then that Inanch is continuously sought after from around the world by celebrities, beauty editors and clients for her superior talents and application techniques.

Apart from Great Lengths, other premium quality hair extensions systems available at the salon applied by Inanch and her Hair Extensions team include: the Hair Dreams hair thickening systems, the Racoon Micro Weft and the Reusable Micro Ring Systems. Both ethicality and the quality of hair extensions are of utmost importance to the salon and to their discerning clientele.

For the very best hair extension specialist around, book an appointment with Inanch Emir at Inanch London and get the hair you’ve always dreamt about!

For a full list of hair extension services available at Inanch London click here.

Look gorgeous and attractive in celebrity dresses

Celebrity Dresses influence how very many women all over the world dress. Women read magazines in addition to watch shows which have celebrities in them then they copy what the celebrities have worn. They either tailor similar dresses all by themselves or they buy them from the clothing stores. These dresses are mostly designer dresses in addition to they are very expensive. When categorizing this kind of product, there are certain elements with the intention of are usually considered. These elements are; the neckline, the length of the dress, the fabric of the dress in addition to the events in which the dresses were worn. >

The designers are also important. When searching on behalf of this kind of product, those elements are what women look on behalf of the most. There are many types of celebrity dresses on this kind of product. The main necklines are; V-neck, high-neck in addition to square-neck. It is very rare in the direction of find a kind of product which has a round neck. The v-necklines are considered in the direction of be more elegant tan the rest. When it comes in the direction of straps in addition to sleeves, most of these kinds of dresses are strapless. There celebrity dresses are however those which are sleeveless, long sleeved in addition to short sleeved.

The extended dresses are more often than not worn during awards such as the Oscars. These red runner events are the chairs where celebrities dress the most excellent. There are however some feminine celebrities who attach in the direction of the short dresses in addition to the knee length dresses. These celebrity dresses are good looking but they are not as stylish as the long ones. Both the long in addition to short dresses can either be sleeveless, one-shoulder, strapless, short sleeved or long sleeved. They also have different types of necklines. This kind of this kind of product is usually designed by the famous designers.

When planning in the direction of purchase any of the celebrity dresses, you should first check your budget. Those celebrity dresses are designer dresses in addition to the cost a lot of money. They look great because a lot of work has been put in the direction of them. You should also check your body type. Just because a certain celebrity looks great in a certain dress does not mean you too will look great in the same dress. Copying a dress is never the best idea. This kind of this kind of product can be found in a few stores. Those are the stores with the intention of sell authentic stuff. If you have the money in the direction of spend on them, make sure with the intention of you get a real designer dress.

Celebrities, are they really using steroids

In many ways the advent of steroids in the United States mirrored the rapid rise of celebrity culture. The so called “cult of celebrity” has grown to mammoth proportions and shows no indication of slowing. Every day brings more gossip and news about famous personalities that inhabit our lives in a peripheral state, as we don’t actually know them personally, yet they continue to seem so eerily familiar. It is no surprise, then, that steroid use among celebrities has not only increased but has also had an effect on habits of the American public.

It is an interesting contradiction that when star athletes and sports figures are suspected of using anabolic steroids, there is a full scale investigation launched with the full backing of the legislature behind the proceedings. However, if a celebrity is suspected of using these substances, he or she is simply publicly lauded for their superior physiques. What sort of message does that send to young people? Does it imply that, as a society, we only look down upon steroid abuse when it affects the caliber of performance for elite athletes and may in fact influence the score of a crucial sporting event? Does it mean that when theres no playoff game at stake or no immediate event to be won, that its not worth trying to prevent the use of dangerous steroids for celebrities or even ordinary people outside the glare of Hollywood? These mixed messages are troublesome and we must take steps to standardize our collective response to steroid use and avoid singling out some professional contexts as being less harmful than another. The fact remains that the extremely destructive by products of steroid use are every bit as present in famous actors that abuse the substance as in star athletes that are banned, in most cases, from using the drugs.

There has been much discussion that celebrities such as Dr. Dre, Carrot Top and Slyvester Stallone are or at one time may have been using steroids. In January of 2008, bold faced names like R&B singer Mary J. Blige, rapper Wyclef Jean, actor and director Tyler Perry, along with 50 Cent and Timbaland were all implicated in a steroids trafficking ring that was revealed in Albany. Human Growth Hormone was the main substance being shipped and used, however, taking the drug itself is not illegal. Rather the federal authorities are going after the centers and clinic that often prescribe the substances illegally under the guise of promoting anti-aging practices and claiming that the drug is a miracle substance that can turn back the hands of time. Ultimately, much of the responsibility for these kinds of incidents rests with the prescribing doctor and less with the celebrity user. With little to no oversight regarding steroids, such as Human Growth Hormone (due to the fact that is not categorized as a controlled substance), there is rampant misuse among famous personalities whose livelihood, in many cases, is dependent upon maintaining a rigid standard of youth and beauty.

Celebrity Dresses – Exclusively for you!

The bulk of Celebrity Dresses are in fact handmade to make it certain that the costume fits the bride flawlessly, it is made in very original method that substantiates the bride to have a genuine exceptional costume, and certainly no one else can ever have. Most frequently, the outfit contains costly gems and is carefully hand-stitched by dexterous seamstresses. >

These special marriage costumes will certainly lift the notions of various celebrities themselves, it is because they have marked a pleasurable design but want to incorporate an individual touch to it or they identify the basic pattern they require for their Celebrity Dresses.

But, the majority of the celebrities in fact give consent to their fashion designer, understanding the designer’s likes because they sense that the designer knows what is best for them with respect to body shape, coloring, palettes and skin coloring. You will see Celebrity Dresses on TV and even in magazines and those costumes cost a fortune.

The main reason for having a costly price tag is because every facet of the costume is handmade; it takes roughly 6 months to finish as per the complexity of the design. The more multifaceted the design, the more costly it becomes.

The bulk of Celebrity Dresses include diamonds, silver and pearls and a lot of other valuable stones hand-sewn on the costume, making it more costly. The exclusivity and the artistic nature of these costumes are probably the main reason why these dresses are measured to be expensive possessions by celebrities and socialites.

A lot of ladies love the patterns of Celebrity Dresses and would relentlessly dream about getting that elegant attire within their hands. The dream can be changed into reality; there are big options to help you obtain that celebrity costume. A few marriage costume retailers sell variations of Celebrity Dresses to satisfy those hopefuls’ thirsts.

The variations are not as comprehensive as the creative ones that are worn by the celebrities, just judge them as a spin-off and a lot rational in price. Outfits like these generally can be expensive when evaluated with the innovative ones. You do not need to worry about the costume as it still someway appears like the real one.

The costume has a lot of simulated gemstones and beading as opposed to the innovative dress. On the other hand, these outfits are made in bulk that can decrease the brilliance and the exclusivity but it will certainly lower the cost.

Celebrities That Have Undergone Plastic Surgery But Won’t Admit It

It is pretty common knowledge that many actors, singers, models, reality TV stars, and other celebrities have undergone plastic surgery to make themselves look younger, give themselves the bodies they have always wanted, or improve the appearance of the face. However, even though it is totally obvious that some celebrities have undergone cosmetic surgery, they just won’t come out and admit that they have undergone treatment.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman finally admitted in a recent magazine interview that she has had Botox injections, but says that was in the past and she did not like the effects of the product. Kidman remained mum on the subject of plastic surgery, despite persistent rumors that the Academy Award winning actress has undergone breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, and liposuction. A simple Internet search of the actress reveals photos that were taken in the 80s; back then Kidman’s nose looks as though it has a different shapes and her lips were much thinner.


A telltale sign of use of plastic surgery and non-invasive aesthetic treatments: women in their 40s, 50s, and up that do not have a single wrinkle on their face. Madonna is in her 50s and does not exhibit the normal signs of aging such as wrinkling of the skin or skin laxity. She credits a macrobiotic diet and stringent fitness routine, which includes yoga, for maintaining such a youthful appearance for her age. Plastic surgeons and gossipers agree that the Queen of Pop has likely undergone some type of facial plastic surgery procedure, or at the very least, non-invasive treatments such as chemical peels or laser skin resurfacing.

Kim Kardashian

The reality TV star has undergone non-invasive cosmetic treatments, including VelaShape and Botox injections, on her reality show. However, the buxom beauty denies having the plastic surgery procedures she is rumored to have undergone, such as butt augmentation, placement of breast implants, rhinoplasty, and lip enhancement. While it is hard to tell if her butt or breasts have been augmented, her nose does appear to have been reshaped sometime between the first and second seasons of her reality show.

Hollywood Celebrities and those from the world of literature

There is quite a difference between these celebrities from Hollywood and celebrities from the world of books, art and literature. Quite a glaring difference actually. The whims and fancies remain quite similar but where earning the mullah is concerned then Hollywood wins hands down. No one earns as many million dollars than these celebrities from Hollywood. Yeah you have prizewinners in the literary world too but the prize money earned by Margaret Edson for instance in 1999 for the Pulitzer Prize in Drama was a measly $5000. Even Nobel Laureates earn not more than $900,000. That is not a small amount from any angle but when compared to what Oscar winning actors and actresses earn then it surely seems a small amount. Winning a prize for an author does make sure that the authors books will remain in circulation and on the top of all the book seller lists but the money coming in is nothing in comparison to what Hollywood stars earn by merely making an appearance in Charity Functions and award ceremonies. There is a marked difference in their signature styles too. Hollywood is all about enigma and show while the literary world is way more sober and subtle. Entertainment news promises to get you all the news doing rounds of the literary world and the world of movies. We know that the well read man would also want to know what his favorite authors are up to, or when is the next book of the Pulitzer prize winning author coming out. Entertainment news shall supply you with such news of the literary world.

The most common place trend in Hollywood today is multi-million dollar pay checks as a hit in the box office ensures the stars that they would landing a deal worth millions with the production house they wish to work with. There are a few authors who come close to striking up deals worth millions but their genre of literature is far cry from the award winning Nobel Prize kinds. Their writing is more commercial, written primarily to please the readers and to catch the interest of producers who would pay millions of dollars to these writers just to make a movie out of them. Such authors include Stephen King, Tom Clancy, Michael Crichton etc. Nobel Prize winners like Sir. V.S Naipaul , Gabriel Garcia Marquez , Toni Morrison do not have the kind of money the above mentioned commercially viable authors do. What they have is a tremendous amount of respect from the literary world and from true aficionados of literature. Their lives are not an object of curiosity like the life of Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughns is. We will get you news about the celebrities from the world of literature too, the celebrities whose primary aim in life is not to earn the attention of the media but to be able to give birth to masterpieces with their writing. Black Entertainment news shall get you coverage on the lives of such stalwarts and Extra Entertainment news shall follow suit. We know that we shall be catering to a variety of the public. We have something for everybody in this website. Dont think twice-just log in today.

Lehengas The Mughals Clothes

Lehanga was introduced by the Mughals to Pakistan. As everyone knows how elegant and beautiful their Lehangas were. It is also known as a ghagra, which is a long skirt. Some have sequences on them, while some are with different embroideries which are pleated and it is full of flares too.

Fabric and decorative work on it

Different types of fabric are used to make it. Some of the fabric is silk, net, georgette, satin, brocade and chiffon. The material used on Lehangas to decorate them is zardozi, kundan, diamantes as well. Mirror work, buti work, cut dana work, dori embroidery, zari work and ari work are also done on the Lehangas.

Different styles:

In the past many years, they have become a new fashion and followed by many people. Some of the most famous styles are paneled, a-line, fishtail, circular and straight cut too. One of the most worn is the paneled one and fishtail is the western style of it. Lehanga chili is another style of it which is a great combination of Dupatta (which is of chiffon, silk or brocades) Lehanga and a blouse or it can be a kurti too. It is available at many boutiques designed by different designers. It is available in different and elegant styles in India as well and in Pakistan. Bridal Lehangas are also a type of Lehanga choli. They are called bridal Lehangas because they are stitched only for brides.


It is worn on many occasions all around the world but it is mostly worn in India and in Pakistan. All of the brides in India and Pakistan wear Lehangas on their special day. Mostly they make it in red color but now a-days, brides want their outfit in different colors. This is because there is an increase in the sense of fashion. It is also worn on occasions like mehndi, mayun or valima which are occasions for Muslims. As in India they wear it on occasions like Diwali, navratri, karwa chaud, dusshera and on sangeet or weddings too.

Designers in this field

There are more than 100 designers in Pakistan and even in India who are making Lehengas. They are of different ranges some are starting from 50 thousand and are more than two lakhs. Designers earn a lot in the wedding season because each Lehenga costs more than 50 thousand.

Lehengas wore by celebrities

Many celebrities in Bollywood as well as in Hollywood wear it. In many of the songs and dramas many famous celebrities wear it to promote their culture. In many Indian dramas Rajhistani Lehengas are worn just to promote their culture.

Online shopping for Lehengas

Many people in America, Canada or all across the world who want to wear Lehengas on their wedding day can buy them online too. Sometimes these online Lehengas are cheaper and prettier than the designer Lehengas. Many young girls in this field that dont product on a large scale like designers do it online. On many social networking sites too many people are advertising their work and people contact them and buy their favorite Lehengas and they also have a choice to make some changes. They can choose any fabric, cut or color which they like and place an online order. Their order will be delivered to them anywhere in the world.

Reasons Why Demand For Internet TV Is Soaring To New Heights

Internet Television is at its infancy stage in many countries but is soaring in demand. This technology is growing in demand as it overcomes the negatives of the ordinary and conventional television. Though television is still relied for a daily dose of entertainment and fun for all age groups, its rigid timings and broadcast cost has always been a question.

Umpteen channels in numerous languages do not serve the purpose of entertainment. You may be paying the amount for so many channels that you hardly watch. But if you need an access to movies and songs then you must get access to television. But, with india on demand TV you can get load of benefits.

Repeated access

One of the major advantages of getting into the internet television is that you can replay the programs any number of times. The favourite programs from any channel can be viewed at any time without any restriction. If you subscribe to the india on demand tv then you gain access to your regional channels and can view the same on your smartphones or your personal computer.

Personalised service

Cable networks will offer channels that come in packages and does not provide individualistic service. With internet tv you can pick the channels of your choice and so you get personalised service at reasonable price. Also, the timing for viewing is not decided by the broadcast channels as you can stream them at any time online.

Watch movies

Movie buffs will love watching online movie in the internet television. You can get access to a long list of movies and download the same for viewing it at leisure. If you have a good internet connection then you don’t even have to download the movies and view them online. Real time viewing is facilitated by the high bandwidth.

Easy and cheaper access

Unlike the television networks where you have to pay monthly subscription for many channels this internet television can give you full value for money. You can enjoy unlimited entertainment that is available 24/7 at rates that is affordable and reasonable. You only pay for videos that you wish to view. Some movies or videos are available for a fixed time period at a prescribed rate.

Better quality

As technology is at its best in internet television you can view good quality visuals and sound output. The sound effects provided are almost similar to the big screen experience.


Frye Boots – The Benefit Of The Best Boots On The Market

Enduring for almost 150 years, the quality and comfort of Frye Boots remains. Due to their workmanship and comfort people like General Patton, other leaders, and even in soldiers during the American civil war found themselves wearing them.

These boots are made for males and females, however soldiers usually don’t wear them. Frye does not only make boots; they produce shoes also.

Frye’s boots and shoes today are much too trendy and comfy to be utilized in war.

They are very stylish and comfortable that even film personalities and other famous celebrities wear them to enhance their style quotient. Some people refer to Frye boots as cowboy boots.

I saw that more cowboys didn’t use them also they are exceed than a without design old cowboy shoes.

Frye harness and campus boots are the most popular styles these days although Frye makes boots for both genders and most ages. The reason of making them in great demand is that so many celebrities have been wearing them

Frye Harness as well as Frye campus boots are trendy to fit any outfit. Any items worn by celebrities from head to foot will attract you to pay attention.

Maintaining Frye boots is a simple process. Unlike knock-offs, these are sturdy and well constructed. This explains their celebrity appeal and how come they should attract you as well while they’re still unknown and relatively cheap.

How To Deal With Negative Publicity And Bad Press – The Art Of Making A Comeback

As I watched the Lakers win another NBA Championship what really stood out to me was not Kobe Bryant’s dynamic performance, but rather the success of his public relations team. It was not so long ago that he was caught in a world wind of controversy, but now it all seems like a distant memory.

Some celebrities are able to bounce back from career ending screw up’s, and some just simply fade to black in disgrace as their career comes to an end. Take for example Mel Gibson’s latest PR disaster in which he warns his girlfriend that she could get raped by a “Pack of Ni***ers.” We can definitely put a fork in Mr. Gibson, because he is now officially done in Hollywood.

Mel Gibson’s latest racial rant has once again landed him on the front page of every entertainment publication around the world, and was even the lead story on Entertainment Tonight (ET). Even the best of my PR colleagues are telling me that they will send Mel Gibson’s call straight to voice mail if he calls them seeking damage control with this one.

Please keep in mind that fan’s have already forgiven him once for his first cacophony of defamatory comments about the Jewish Community. Now we can only wonder as to which ethic group he will attack next in his latest epic “Mel Gibson’s March To The Sea.”

Cases like Mel Gibson’s are actually the extreme end when it comes to dealing with negative publicity. You can actually take some comfort in knowing that there is hope for you, if your latest screw up is north of Mel Gibson’s. Unlike Gibson, Kobe Bryant did the “Right Thing” with our forgiveness and truly proved that his incident was a mistake in judgment. As a culture we can truly understand a stupid mistake, if your actions afterwards totally contradict the reason you had to call an “I’m so sorry” press conference.

Ray Lewis, Hugh Grant, Winona Ryder, Eddie Murphy, Jimmy Swaggart, Justin Timberlake, and Todd Bridges just to name a few, all have done extraordinary jobs at recovering from potentially career ending mistakes.

How To Move Forward From A Nightmare

Kobe Bryant up to this point has lived an exceptional life since he made is public mistake, and because of that he has honored our forgiveness. After Magic Johnson’s Press Conference on November 7, 1991, we have never read another negative article about his lifestyle. It’s not the fall that gets you banned from public view; it’s the repeated falls that causes us to wipe our hands of you.

Now the same rules that apply to famous athletes and celebrities also applies to you. The first step in moving forward from bad publicity is to never make that mistake again. It’s not as important that you convince the public that you made the biggest mistake of your life, but rather your ability to convince yourself that it was simply stupid and out of character.

Listed below are three tips that will help you change public perception after your own personal press conference of shame.

Don’t Ever Do It Again – I know this may seem very obvious to those of you who posses common sense, but as my grandmother would always say “common sense is not common.” If you ever think about repeating the same mistake just remember the example of Kobe Bryant and Mel Gibson. Change your lifestyle, get control of your habits, and even consider new friends if the change will place you in the company of more responsible people. At this point you have to take your personal life in a totally different direction. Try to search yourself in an attempt to find out what made you commit such a stupid act. Take responsibility for your actions and never, never ever, place the blame on a 3rd party.

Stay Out Of The Press – After your press conference of shame, disappear from the press for a period of 1-3 years. You need to allow time for the smoke to settle, and time to pass before you’re out generating new publicity. Even if you’re involved in something positive, the perception of your participation will still cast a negative cloud. Avoid making charity appearances or making huge donations, because the perception will be that you’re trying to buy your way back into good grace. The best thing to do at this point is re-focus on your career or business in a way that adds value to your brand.

Reinvent Yourself – You are the CEO of you. Every decision from this point has to place you in the best possible light, and the best possible environment. You have to become the person you really are in the eyes of public perception. Having said that, you have the right to totally reinvent your brand in a way that still looks and feels genuine, without appearing fake. To reinvent doesn’t mean to go over the top, but to simply bleach your image. You can accomplish this with a change in your wardrobe, public appearances, associations, mindset, attitude, expression, and ventures. The best part about recovering from bad publicity is people will root for you because they really want to see you bounce back. Never forget the fact that everyone loves the Comeback Kid.

Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens went from the darkest days of his life, to one of the most respected and admired men on, and off the football field. I encourage you to learn from your mistake and truly change your life in a way that would make the likely hood of this ever happening again extremely unlikely. As a Public Relations Professional, I offer you the same advice that I mandate of my clients. When it comes to rebuilding your life, you will have to subscribe to the following principal or you risk having your name or brand banished and forever tarnished.

Philippians 4:8

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.