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Protecting Celebrities From Threats

Securing the safety and security of top leaders of countries, celebrities and the rich and famous has never been easy as they are commonly the victims of terror threat, kidnapping and stalking. The nature of their jobs, the position they are into and the money attached to their names and positions pose as temptations to the public. Despite security measures, some well-planned schemes were almost successful, some others were not but a few crimes were really committed into action and proved to be successful for the perpetrators.

Managing celebrity security is the most difficult because of the nature of their profession as it require them to be always on the spotlight and be with a large crowd. They become more vulnerable to threats because of their lifestyles. Despite their status, many try to live as normal as possible like going shopping unaccompanied to the point of risking their lives. We hear over the radio, read on the papers and see on the television and the internet so much about paparazzis sticking their cameras in front of celebrities’ faces and stalking them for days just so to take a photo or two and how celebrities abhor being hounded in this obnoxious fashion. Paparazzi harassment, however, dims in comparison to kidnapping and death threats. Celebrities are always on guard to maintain their safety and of their families taking extraordinary security measures in place at all times to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Taking a kidnap threat seriously against Australian actor Russell Crowe in 2001, the FBI insisted on accompanying him to the Academy Awards just to protect him. The FBI later informed him that the threat came from the Al-Qaeda. It was so fortunate that the plot was discovered before it was really committed. What about those that were literally materialized into action?

In 1985, Julio Iglesias’ father, Julio Iglesias, Sr., was kidnapped by Basque terrorists and held captive for 2 weeks, repeatedly threatened with death but was later rescued by Spanish police unharmed on the day the ransom money was supposed to be release to the kidnappers. Although he was never harmed physically, he was badly traumatized by the incident.

Because of this, the need for security globally has increased. The forecasted expenditure allotted on security services alone, by 2012 is expected at $200 billion.

Obtain An Excellent Style, Taking Into Account The Major Style Icons!

Its apparent that present-day celebrities aren’t only famous and rich people, but also those, which are regarded as the real icons. Lots of people are keeping to style and image of a selected celebrity, attempting to imitate his or her hairstyle in addition to the mode of dressing.

So why are many people thinking about the style of the so called stars, especially during such big occasions as the Oscar Awards? To obtain the answer, we need to grasp that the image of the major part of celebrities is the result of work of qualified stylists, who thoroughly acquire the most appropriate outlook to their customers and also invent or even introduce interesting things to the present fashion. People who strive to be as bright as their favorite stars, typically copy the appearance of celebrities, and so find ways to stand out from the crowd.

For everyone, who wants to look exquisite, its essential to consider the style icons plus to pursue the hottest news within the fashion world. To keep up-to-date, we strongly recommend you to visit regularly a great internet resource, on, where you will have a possibility to explore undercut hairstyle men.

Just because that nowadays you’ll find so many celebrities, preferring extremely various and unique styles, there exists a great possibility to select a style, which might properly match our own requirements and constitution. For instance, utilizing the pointed out web-site one can find braided hairstyles for black women, which generate a romantic plus festive outlook and are especially popular now. On the other hand, those, whove made a decision to cut their hair, will find a wonderful choice of short hairstyles for black women, which may be copied by the stylists. may very well be important not only for women, but in addition males, that can be certainly astounded by cool hairstyles for men. Consequently, you’ll have opportunity to get the very best solution whether you are seeking men short hairstyles or hairstyles for men with curly hair.

There is no secret that to be trendy its expected to keep up with the times, pursuing the latest tendencies as in outfit as in manners. Here I imply that getting ready for a party or an occasion you can look at hairstyles for black women, while selecting a name for your newborn you should check out celebrity baby names.

Life Cell Skin Care Reviews – Celebrities Endorsing Life Cell

While researching online, you may have noticed many websites promoting a revolutionary anti-aging solution called Life Cell Skin Care. Nonetheless, if you want to make sure that this solution is right for you, you should take some time to read through some customer reviews first.

And by looking at testimonials published by merchants, you will discover that this product is used to get younger looking skin as revealed by Hollywood celebrities.

If you were to assess the Life Cell Skin Care reviews by these famous customers, it appears that most of them have only good things to say about this offering. A number view it as a more affordable and beneficial option relative to Botox injections with other people claiming that it functions better than skin solutions they’ve tested before. This is due to the fact that it acts as a fast wrinkle-remover as well as collagen stimulator. Nonstop hydration is given where your flabby skin can be expected to firm up and dull spots to brighten.

According to a baroness, this product is designed for people who are serious about looking for an exceptional product that helps you look younger. A celebrated ballerina, with a similar belief about this offering, appears to agree.

When it comes to non-celebrity consumers, the merchant had also published a few of their feedback on their internet site. These are feedback by actual product users who’ve found and experienced firsthand, this skin care offering’s effectiveness and magic.

In closing, these reviews are quite reliable, given by people who’ve tried the product themselves describing this product’s effects. And don’t be surprised to find out that model and actress celebrities are among many of these product users who are very knowledgeable about anti-aging and skin products.

Having said this, before you proceed to buy Life Cell Skin Care, it is strongly recommended that you read a thorough review report that include looking at other consumer feedbacks found on third party websites (if any). You will discover such a review report at: .

Learn the Secrets to Hollywood Celebrities Rapid & Healthy Weight Loss

Have you ever wondered how your favourite actor or actress lost all that weight and got trimmed and toned for their new movie in a matter of weeks? How did Natalie Portman get a Ballerina’s body in less than a year? How did Ryan Reynolds bulk up for his upcoming role as the Green Lantern or Angelina Jolie for Tomb Raider? Well your answers are right here. Hollywood Trainer Craig Woods has helped many celebrities by providing them a healthy weight loss plan that is safe, fast and reliable and best of all with a minimal work out schedule. He breaks down the proper foods to eat that identifies which foods promote fat burning and increased metabolisms, while seldom working out.

You will learn with your weight loss program that your specific weight-loss foods will make you lose weight faster. For example, if you were to take grapefruit juice, this would help you burn off more calories thus losing more weight in a short period of time.

In addition to the previous information, there are certain tips and tricks which can enhance your current weight loss goals and keep the weight off in the future. As stated before, it all falls back on eating healthy in the long term.

When possible eat food cold. If it’s reasonable, eat food cold or room-temperature as opposed to warm, examples include eating cold soup, leaving those hard-boiled eggs you had yesterday for dinner cold, and eating ice cream in stead of drinking overly-sweet fruit juices. Your body requires more calories to warm something up if it’s cold. There’s a very advanced formula to find out how many calories certain temperature water (yes water) will burn, which is another good example, when possible drink ice water instead of regular temperature tap. It takes about 25 calories to heat up just a litre of cold tap water to your body temperature that adds up!

With any weight-loss program you should always feel free to consult your doctor for his or her recommendation and/or consultation. This is always a good procedure to ensure your safety and your continued health and attaining your weight loss goals.

Craig Woods’ Elite Weight Loss Program has helped thousands of people and many Hollywood celebrities with his easy to follow diet and eating schedule combined with easy exercises that target weight loss and muscle toning.

In a matter of weeks, you will fully be educated with proper healthy food choices that promote rapid weight loss and fat burning which will definitely show results without starving yourself or eating foods that taste terrible or spending hours in the Gym. Learn how to maintain your ideal weight in the future without affecting your lifestyle.

The Modern Paparazzi

The modern paparazzi are not dependent on shady deals and lurking informers anymore. He knows what it takes to get that exclusive photo that can get the whole celebrity gossip world into a tizzy. The advantage of modern equipments are making it easier for him to go for that snap that can have all the celeb gossip magazines running after him. In the good old days, the money spent in procuring a photograph was sometimes more than what entertainment news papers and tabloids were willing to pay. All those days came to an end with the coming of age of the modern equipment. Now theres a proper method to everything that happens.

The basic idea of paparazzi scoops is still the same. The race is still for that one photo that will have the celebrity in a position where it gets uncomfortable. Keeping this crux in place, the race is now to bring it to the celebrity gossip sites faster than any other. The paparazzi these days have a well-connected network that can inform the photographer about the whereabouts of a star in the shortest possible time. Sometimes these informers are working for celeb gossip sites as well. When they spot a celeb off the usual route, in a restaurant dining with another hot star or at the salon getting a new hairdo, they tip off the entertainment news photographers.

The paparazzi now depend on modern equipment like digital and modern cameras. These become useful when the celebrities need to be photographed on private property. Celebrity gossip sites pay a handsome amount for exclusive photos of the wedding or engagement of the celebrities. The celebrities know that they are susceptible to attacks from the paparazzi. That makes them aware of their situation and they take proper precautions. They erect security guards and the police to keep the entertainment site photographers at bay. More often than not, these celebrities strike deals with the celeb gossip sites themselves to give them those photos of weddings, engagements and child birth. Its like a business deal that is borne out of the need to protect privacy. When they know they cant do much, the celebrities try to make money out of this situation.

The coming of the modern paparazzi means that there is no spot on this planet where the celebrity is not vulnerable to photographs. Celebrity gossip sites are waking up to the importance of allowing these photographs to come on their pages. They understand that a photograph on a celeb gossip site speaks a lot about credibility. People would believe a hazy photograph than lines of written evidence. This factor works wonders in the entertainment news world. People find it easier to believe a story if there is an accompanying photograph. The moralists may complain about the legal rights and privacy ethics, but the paparazzi are definitely here to stay!

Celebrities and Their Chihuahuas

Celebrities and their Chihuahuas has become a huge craze in recent years. It seems the popularity of these tiny dogs began with the Chihuahua that stared in the famous Taco Bell commercials. Then of course came Reese Witherspoon in the big screen movie Legally Blonde with her little pal Bruiser. At the top of the craze was non other than Paris Hilton when she appeared on the cover of Seventeen Magazine with her Chihuahua Tinkerbell.

However, these celebrities were not the first to love this amazingly loyal and easy to care for dog; Marilyn Monroe had one of her own that she called ChooChoo. Many stars now have there own Chihuahuas, and some have many more than just one. The daughter of Rod Stewart was seen playing on the beach in a blue bikini with her Chihuahuas, and Brian Littrell was photographed with his wife and two Chihuahuas. The much-loved judge on American Idol, Paula Abdul, has two Chihuahuas named Tumbellina and Tulip.

Madonna and Hillary Duff both have a Chihuahua named Chiquita. These are just a few of the many celebrities that have Chihuahuas. Chihuahuas make wonderful pets for celebrities because they travel well and are very easy to care for. Chihuahuas are extremely low maintenance and love to be around one person or family. They hardly ever run off because they are so content with being with people rather than other animals. They are also easily carried around in shoulder or handbags made for small dogs, which is another reason they are popular choice among so many celebrities.

Chihuahuas were first discovered in the early 19th century along the border of Mexico and Arizona and were first called Arizona dogs. It wasn’t until later when it was discovered that the dogs were actually coming from the Chihuahua region in Mexico where they got the name. That seems to have suck with them even now that we are into the 21st century. At first it was believed that Chihuahuas were a mix between a rodent and a dog that was magically created by what were known as Medicine Men.

For the first time in history, Chihuahuas have made the top ten list of most licensed and registered list of dogs in many places around the U.S. in the past year. We all know that this has a lot to do with the media, but the fact that these dogs are so easily cared for and are very loyal play a huge roll as well. Chihuahuas also live decently long lives for dogs; they can live anywhere between fifteen and nineteen years but most live to be about sixteen years of age.

It is no secret that Chihuahuas are loved for their amazing intelligence, loyalty, and love of humans. The dogs are very easy to train and adjust very well to change, which makes them great pets for families or individuals that are constantly on the move. The dogs are so smart that they are popping up more and more on TV and the Big screen. If you decide you want one of these precious dogs make sure it’s the qualities of the dog you are after not the fact that your favorite celebrity owns one.

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Reasons People Want to Look Like Celebrities

Due to their larger than life personalities and extravagant lifestyles, celebrities are always imitated by most people. Fans will often take their liking to whole new levels, even up to the point of looking like their idols even if it causes them to dig deeper into their pockets or dip into their savings. There’s just something about the celebrity aura that glitters and sparkles as much as the business of show business does.

In the old days, wearing clothes similar to those worn by Hollywood icons usually sufficed but these days, you also hear about people having their features surgically altered to look like popular movie stars and following diet fads that they do. The fact that fans have become obsessed with celebrities and their lifestyles and the fact that they look perfect all the time, thanks to airbrushing and Photoshop, it is no surprise that people as well want to look as unattainable as their favorite stars.

Who doesn’t want to look beautiful and flawless? Who doesn’t want to have a great smile and red carpet-worthy gowns? Even the way these celebrities take care of their skin, how they put on their make-up and what brand of shampoo they use is something people like to know so they can so they can be noticed and admired just like the real deals.

But more than just wanting to look like a star, people try to imitate celebrities because they love the way people love them. In a world that sets much store by physical appearance, it is easy to get lost and become invisible amidst the beautiful people and also easily lose track of who you really are. But then again, there are those who despite any physical hurdles and imperfections are confident in their abilities and skills, so much so that they don’t really care if they have gray eyes instead of blue or that their hair is brown rather than platinum blonde. Sometimes people think they are missing a lot by not looking like a celebrity and feel like there’s this huge void in their life that they need to fill when what they only need to do is find a new hobby or perhaps relocate to new surroundings in order to get a fresh perspective on things.

Another noticeable thing is that while celebrities portray roles based on real situations or real people, it is their lifestyle that seems to be the main attraction. This is evidenced by the way people devour those reality TV shows that show how extreme celebrity life can be, from being stalked by the paparazzi to how they prepare themselves for award season and the red carpet. They also avidly take note of how thin or fat a celebrity has become or how much trouble have they been in over the weekend.

All this can be attributed to what we see as a lack of excitement in our own lives. We wake up in the morning, go to work or school, come back home and do the same routine again tomorrow. Celebrities on the other hand, seem to be doing different things every day and in very exciting ways too and we wonder how come our lives aren’t that exciting as well? All they do is try to look good on camera and they earn tons of money doing just that. It never occurs to us that celebrities also work hard to look as well as they do and to be where they are, just like the rest of us mere mortals.

While imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, celebrities will no doubt feel bad if the person who idolizes them gets into trouble imitating them. It is good to try and do your make-up the way your favorite movie star would but make sure that your reasons for doing so don’t go beyond that. Being yourself is still more important than anything else because being original is still always the best.

Generating Site Traffic Like A Celebrity; It’s All About Publicity.

Generating site traffic; online interest is a bit like generating offline publicity. It doesnt actually matter how you do it as long as you have something to offer.

As the saying goes; All publicity is good publicity.

The same is true when youre looking to increase site traffic. Generating interest in a way that can actually go viral is the main goal of any website owner looking to promote themselves, their website and their products and services.

Thats really the whole point of linkbait. It doesnt matter if its controversial, positive or negative. As long as its based on truth, serves its purpose and gives people something to think about, its good enough.

You can create an article or a video or a combination of both purely for the purpose of attracting site traffic and getting visitors to your website. Stars and celebrities do things like that all the time. Theyll get photographed in a semi drunken state or be quoted saying something controversial.

Its no accident that some celebrities are in magazines and papers all the time. Thats like a viral effect on a large scale. Naturally its a lot easier if youre already famous, but the basic principles are the same for everyone.

Celebrities like Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Beyonce keep themselves in the public eye, this can also be site traffic on sites like twitter and facebook and they make an awful lot of money off the back off it. That could be regarded as backend sales. So theyre actually using themselves as self perpetuating marketing tools.

It all works as long as you have something to offer at the end of it. A good product or service is essential. If you dont have that then theres little point in generating site traffic in the first place.

People are very fickle and will very easily become bored so you have to have something that keeps their interest. You also have to keep updating the ways you use to get yourself noticed.

Once you have a good and well sought after product things will start to take care of themselves to some extent. But you have to kick start the viral effect yourself at the beginning and then give it all another occasional kick from time to time to continue to increase site traffic and keep the eyes on you.

Creating new and interesting ways to get yourself noticed isnt always the easiest thing. Fortunately you can help to increase your site traffic by posting a lot of things around the available sites such as; Web 2 sites, article sites, bookmarking and social sites and forums that are relevant to your niche or product. Just make sure you have something interesting or controversial to say and people will notice.

Banksy Prints Prove Popular With Celebrities

Work by graffiti artist Banksy has become so popular that celebrities regularly buy originals and prints.

In 2006 American pop singer and songwriter Christina Aguilera paid 25,000 for an original of Queen Victoria as a lesbian and two Banksy prints after arranging a private viewing at a Soho gallery where the Bristol-born urban artist was exhibiting.

Gallery owner Steve Lazarides told the Independent that the pop star already had an in-depth knowledge of Banksy prints and originals and knew exactly what sort of artwork she wanted to buy.

A friend of Aguilera said the musician would prize the Queen Victoria picture featuring the monarch in a lesbian pose with a prostitute and hang it in her living room.

“She’s been a huge fan of Banksy for months and was desperate to get her hands on some of his artwork,” they told the paper.

Banksy reportedly created the controversial piece in response to the fact that Queen Victoria famously refused to pass a law outlawing lesbianism as she refused to believe such things existed.

Hollywood mega-couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are amassing a growing collection of Banksy work having spent in excess of 1 million at a contemporary art auction in London in 2007.

Brangelina also controversially bought a Banksy painting of Michael Jackson which showed the King of Pop standing in the doorway of a cottage attempting to coax a young boy and girl into his house with sweets.

Brad Pitt told the Times at an exhibition in America that he becoming a fan of Banksy after discovering examples of his work through the media.

He said: “I think that this guy is really on to something. I first heard about him a year or so ago I saw something about him in a magazine.”

Keanu Reeves, Meg White and Jude Law are just some of the famous faces who have also been spotted viewing Banksy prints and originals at exhibitions in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

Mr Lazarides said that Banksy prints and originals are popular with celebrities because they prefer contemporary art to classical masterpieces.

He told the Times: “They’ve got money and they don’t particularly want to spend it on a Picasso – they want to buy something that relates to their lives, their time and their culture.”

Banksy has famously painted subversive graffiti in places such as London Zoo, the British Museum and the wall dividing the West Bank in Israel.

Cellulite Revitol How Celebrities Deal With Cellulite

Cellulite has victims mostly among women and the glamorous actresses from Hollywood are not an exception. It has thereby been nicknamed Celebrity Cellulite. They also undergo a pretty hard time too when it comes to dealing with the issues of cellulite even with their gorgeous bodies. Celebrity Cellulite is quite common among the glamorous and sexy women in Hollywood who often show off their skin, to catch the attention of the audience. With adequate treatment, this can be taken care of.

Some of the finest stars from the Hollywood fraternity encounter this problem of Celebrity Cellulite. Katherine Heigl, for example, is a leading television star who has experienced the problem of cellulite first hand. There is a sign of cellulite formation in her buttocks and thighs. On the silver screen, one of the hottest stars is Kim Kardashian. Cellulite has taken a toll on her body too even with her having one of the sexiest bodies in Hollywood. She fought to get her gorgeous figure back, recently, by undergoing cellulite removal treatment.nt.

Various types of modern day treatments are available even though cellulite is a common problem. The celebrities use treatments like diet control, regular exercise, cream applications, liposuction etc for removal of cellulite. Before taking up important roles, the directors often tell the celebrity actresses, how much fat they need to reduce. Accordingly, they consult their professional dieticians, doctors and fitness experts, to take care of the cellulite problems.

Cellulite is a touchy subject for us, but Celebrity Cellulite is a fun and entertaining subject.

Rumors have been spreading that singing sensation Mariah Carey and pop princess Britney Spears are among the many stars that have undergone fat-dissolving treatments to blast away their cellulite problems. The procedures that these celebrities go through work as can be seen from their before and after pictures even though they deny that they have gone through it.

One new procedure that gets rid of both cellulite and stretch marks and is gaining popularity in Hollywood is carbon dioxide therapy, or carboxy therapy for short. This supposedly painless procedure entails the injection of a small amount of carbon dioxide gas on the surface of the skin.

The injection of such gas on the skin’s surface, in the opinion of those who propose this treatment, will promote better blood circulation that prevents the formation of cellulite and reduce the appearance of stretch marks and even dark circles under the eyes. Paris Hilton’s celebrity sister, Nicky has been said to have used this procedure to deal with her cellulite problem.

The fact that youth seem to have such low self-esteem and no love for their bodies does not come as a surprise. Perfection in reality does not really exist is something worth realizing. Cellulite, celebrity or not, is inevitable, for it is a natural part of the female body.

Cellulite, which is commonly considered as the great equalizer in beauty and glamour, is a skin problem that plagues both the famous and the commoners. Using ultra-expensive treatment, the rich and famous, can get rid of the cottage cheese appearance on their skin within just a few weeks.

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