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How to Become Famous Celebrities

Many group would love to lone date happen to famous like the Hollywood celebrities who are notorious all above the humankind. The well-behaved news is with the aim of you can realize how to happen to famous by following a few clear-cut strategies provided at this time. You can happen to famous by marketing by hand online. Another announce with the aim of can help you to happen to famous quickly is getting in to the entertainment industry. There are many celebrities in the entertainment industry with the aim of are acclaimed by group from in the least part of the humankind. There are many things with the aim of you can perform in order to happen to famous.

Here are a few eight second-rate ways to happen to famous:

If you require to happen to famous, it is main with the aim of you ought to pursue your interests and picture perfect them. For case in point, if you love acting, you ought to mould this profit. The well-behaved news is with the aim of near are courses with the aim of you can undertake with the aim of will help in pursuing the interests with the aim of will take home you famous. You ought to take your period for the reason that it is not really viable to happen to famous surrounded by a single date. You can be undertaking your every day chores as well as working on the required strategies with the aim of will help in seemly famous. Something to boot with the aim of is main on how to happen to famous is with the aim of you can get through your special skills and talents. Your talent can take home you to be very general. All you need to perform is to labor on it so with the aim of you can picture perfect it. A talent like singing can take home you to perform to greater heights. An main step with the aim of will help you to happen to famous is by registering with dissimilar social networking sites. Some of the social networking sites with the aim of you ought to perform on behalf of which will help you to happen to a celeb include Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. It is recommended with the aim of on the social sites, you ought to upload your pictures with dissimilar outfits. You ought to upload quality pictures with the aim of program a luck of creativity. It is not necessarily with the aim of you ought to hold a talent in order to happen to a notoriety. It is main to know with the aim of you can happen to famous by using valuable marketing strategies. An valuable announce on how to happen to famous is with the aim of you ought to start killing available in general joints. You can start attending the general joints obtainable locally. Ensure with the aim of you create way statement by the seats with the aim of you are leaving to. You can even hold a practiced photographer to take your pictures once you are in the batter. Remember to upload your pictures on to the online version. You can station creative facial appearance on various sites with the aim of will help in increasing your popularity. You ought to know with the aim of your pictures are very imperative in increasing your popularity. You can even volunteer on various photo shoots with the aim of are being taken locally. You ought to take help of various occasions with the aim of will provide you with the exposure with the aim of you require. You ought to be keen in whatever with the aim of you are liability in order to take home you a celeb. You ought to know with the aim of many group love to be associated with someone who shows critical energy by all era.

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Get The Real Facts–Find Out The Real Nutritional Value Of The Goji Berry and Its Health Benefits For Losing Weight Safely

Goji Berry the best product that helps you to lose weight, increases energy, improves blood circulation and offers powerful antioxidant. Some of the important Goji Berry Benefits are: increased energy and heightens the immune function. This weight loss product contains a natural ingredient which has become more popular among many Hollywood stars and celebrities. It has been published in many magazines and on numerous TV programs.

For 1,000’s of years Goji seeds have been consumed by the Tibetan Himalayan people for their medicinal and anti-aging properties, as well as being acclaimed by numerous nutritional experts and clinical studies as possibly being the healthiest food source on Earth. If you have never had the pleasure of tasting Goji not only are you missing out on a great fruit, but also all of the health benefits that go with it. Goji berries have played an important role in traditional Chinese medicine for at least 2000 years.

The Benefits of Goji Berry is enhanced by adding the various other natural ingredients to Goji Berry active supplement. So, by enhancing this product provides various health benefits and increases weight loss capabilities. Celebrities make use of Goji Berry to lose weight and to increase stamina. If you are the first to register in the Goji Berry Management club then you will be automatically signed up to get free lifetime access to know more about the on line fitness programs. The Goji Berry Benefits is only for Goji Berry members and not for general public.

To keep your body slim you should do exercise, drink plenty of water and eat hygienic food which is an easy task. The Goji Berry consists of vitamins, minerals, chromium and fiber which help to regulate the blood sugar. This helps to reduce weight and stress which increases the energy level using the nutrient.

Benefits of Goji Berry helps to give the healthy body. It is available in capsule, juice and various other forms. It is very delicious, tasty and provides more nutrients to help you lose weight.

The other Goji Berry Benefits are it is very useful to protect the liver, increases the blood circulation and protects eyesight. It also decreases AMD (age-related macular degeneration) and glaucoma. People over 65 years suffer from blindness and so with the help of this they can recover soon. It also reduces the lower cholesterol levels and blood glucose and even the cancer patients can make use of Goji Berry. It consists of protein, fat, carbohydrates and diet fiber and also various other nutrients and minerals like iron, zinc, calcium, potassium, vitamin B2 and C, selenium, amino acid, beta carotene and zeaxanthin.

The suggestions regarding weight loss will be given in our weight management club. After receiving the first order you people need to check the health resource center which is available on line. All the advices given through on line will help you to achieve success. You can also refer to various diet plans, exercise programs, and fitness programs.

The Goji Berry Benefits is an excellent choice for those who are looking for many health benefits in one source. Tibetan Goji berry is the highest rated antioxidant super food in the world. With over 15% protein, 21 essential minerals, 18 amino acids, and one of the highest amounts of beta carotene, the Goji Berry is a nutrient-dense super food in a class all its own. Based on its nutrient profile, the Goji Berry is clearly a nutritional powerhouse.

Celebrity Foreclosures Economic Woes Of The Rich And Famous

Recent economic difficulties have left many homeowners in an untenable situation; housing values have plummeted, leaving them with mortgages that far outweigh the homes current worth and creating the potential for foreclosure. Average homeowners are not the only ones hit by the economic crisis, however; the rich and famous have seen their share of financial difficulties due to poor management or recent economic downturns as well. As a result, a number of well-known and celebrity foreclosures have taken place in recent years; while these rarely have the same catastrophic effects for stars as for private individuals, they can still create unfavorable publicity and damage the celebritys public image.

Nicolas Cage

Despite his high-profile box office status, Academy Award winning actor Nicolas Cage recently lost two homes in New Orleans to foreclosure proceedings. According to public records, Cage owed more than $5 million in past due mortgage payments and back taxes. Cages financial woes had made headlines earlier in 2009 when he filed suit against Samuel Levin, his longtime business manager, for financial mismanagement, misrepresentation and incompetence that cost Cage millions while allowing Levin to pocket substantial fees.

Stephen Baldwin

This follows on the heels of Stephen Baldwins much-publicized foreclosure proceedings earlier in the year. Baldwins home on Old Mountain Road in Nyack, New York, was listed at $3.4 million at one point, but after it failed to sell, two separate mortgages fell into default and required tax payments became delinquent, necessitating the foreclosure and auction of the property.

Ed McMahon

Ed McMahon was among the first celebrities in recent years to feel the sting of public foreclosure; his Beverly Hills home was in default with almost $5 million in outstanding loans. McMahon was ultimately saved from foreclosure by Donald Trump, who purchased the home and leased it back to the actor in order to prevent the loss of the home in which McMahon had resided for the past eighteen years. At the time of purchase, the home had been on the market for about two years.

Evander Holyfield

Heavyweight boxing legend Evander Holyfield narrowly avoided the loss of his Fayetteville, Georgia home to foreclosure. The 54,000-square-foot home included a bowling alley, seventeen bathrooms, and three kitchens. Holyfields mansion was scheduled to be sold at auction in 2008, but the sale was cancelled after Holyfield managed to pay off a portion of his outstanding mortgage and to catch up on outstanding child support payments.

Jose Canseco

Some celebrities allow foreclosure proceedings in order to unload a home that has lost significant value while avoiding the inconvenience of selling the property themselves; famed baseball player Jose Cansecos $2.5 million home was surrendered voluntarily because he felt it was an undue expense considering the loss in value the property had experienced in recent years. It didnt make financial sense, Conseco announced at the time of the foreclosure.

Celebrities typically have at least one major advantage over more typical homeowners; the property foreclosed upon is usually only one of several homes the star owns, and they are usually not financially ruined by the foreclosure process. For most celebrities, foreclosure is an inconvenience that damages their public image, but does not seriously impact their future earnings or financial situation. As the housing market continues to improve, the foreclosure rate is expected to slow down, allowing average homeowners and the rich and famous to remain in their homes and avoid the stress and stigma of foreclosure.

Allergy Spares No One, Not Even Celebrities!

Allergy indeed is an inevitable thing, it spares no one! Allergies are abnormal reactions to ordinarily harmless substances. Allergic reactions occur when the immune system is triggered by allergens which can either be inhaled, swallowed or come in contact with skin.

Some of the most common allergens are; pollens, dust, foods, insect bites, mold spores, viruses, bacteria, even sudden change in environmental condition, plants and perfumes. People may vary in allergic reactions, some may have simple frequent sneezing, others may have skin rash from mild to severe, and some people may have other allergic reaction.

Celebrities With Allergies

Celebrities need to look good in front of the cameras all the timejust imagine seeing your favourite star sneezing all the time during an interview, or having those swollen nose, swollen lips or even swollen face because of allergies. That would be so shameful! But allergies are inevitable thing; anyone can have allergieseven stars!

Some of these stars are never ashamed to admit that they too have allergies; the telltale itchy, puffy, watery eyes and red, stuffy nose signal changes in the seasons in homes and workplaces across the country. What these people suffer from is allergic rhinitis, or hay fever. Hugh Grant, Scarlet Johansson and Hillary Duff all have hay fever. So the next time you see them on screen with the red nose, they may be suffering from their allergic rhinitis again!

As a celebrity, they must not only look goodthey should also smell really good because they will be dealing with so many people. But the perception of what really smells good for Eva Longoria and Drew Barrymore may be confusing because they are both allergic to perfumes.

Cats and dogs has been once a trend among the celebrities, we often see them cuddle them around. But for Paula Abdul, Nicole Ritchie, Tyra Banks and Alanis Morissette Cats are NO NO! These celebrities are all allergic to cats. Nelly Furtado is another star whos allergic to dogs, for his reason we never see her on screen with a dog. The furs on these pets probably trigger their allergies.

Sharon Stone and Anna Kournikova are both allergic to flowers. Mandy Moore is allergic to smoke, perhaps during her concerts she would not allow the smoke effect. Steve Martin, like many other ordinary people is allergic to shellfish. Its one of the most common allergies which so many people are suffering from. Britney Spears and Antonio Banderas are both allergic to insect sting; they often have this inflammation from an insect bite.

For this reason, it is very important to have an allergy test. Having an allergy test will help you avoid those allergens which cause your allergic reaction. As to what they always say, prevention is better than cure.

Getting Rid of Cellulite – Three Things To Learn When Your Goal Is Getting Rid of Cellulite

Getting rid of cellulite is a quest many gals dream to attain. Cellulite is the term applied to the circumstance in which collections or chunks of fat turn up just beneath the surface of the skin.

These jumbles of fat encompass an unusually disproportionate magnitude of space amidst the connective tissue of the skin. As more fat agglomerates in these sections, more area is taken up between the connective tissue of the skin, the result being the gradual surfacing of what is generally called “the cottage cheese effect.” A different common label for this phenomenon is “the golf ball effect.”

It is reckoned that greater than 85% of all adult ladies report that getting rid of cellulite is a longed-for quest for them, even though it is hardly ever a thought for adult males. Among regions where cellulite may be noticed are the backside, above the elbow and behind the knees. These are all regions where it is most commonly found.

The wrong feeling that large numbers of persons have is that cellulite is someway in tandem with the condition known as corpulency, and even though indeed those two circumstances are frequently a part of the same woman, the corpulency is not a inductive factor of the cellulite.

There are large numbers of triggers of cellulite, and even though one cannot target just one thing, there are some known components of which one must be aware when getting rid of cellulite is attempted. These include medicinal preparations, tobacco use, dietary factors and inadequate liquid intake.

Cellulite Treatments

The three primary treatment modalities for cases of cellulite are, in decreasing order of invasiveness:

Cosmetic Surgery

Typically there are two treatments for cellulite that call for cosmetic surgery. The first is liposuction, a procedure in which a tube is inserted into the body and fat cells are literally sucked out. Getting rid of cellulite is a goal not usually acted on via the application of this specific intervention, as liposuction is commonly earmarked for the removal solely of what are named deep fat deposits inside the body. Cellulite by comparison takes place just below the surface of the skin, rendering liposuction commonly not a chosen pick.

Another procedure, known as mesotherapy involves medication being shot straightaway into the globs of cellulite. While by its nature more suited to the treatment of cellulite, mesotherapy – like liposuction – is an invasive surgical operation which must be executed only by properly certified medical personnel and often is really expensive.

The utilisation of cosmetic surgery to help in getting rid of cellulite is extraordinary and can be regarded as a “last resort” in the pursuit of cellulite reduction.


Deep massage is reckoned by many to be a capable treatment for cellulite. The specific proficiencies utilized in Endermologie were cooked up and honed by plastic surgeons in France. It has become rather fashionable and is now a physical process that enjoys vast employment in the United States. The operation utilizes the use of rollers that cause the sensation of massage at the deep tissue level. Simultaneously, suction is applied to the skin in hopes of rearranging the organization of the fat cells with getting rid of cellulite as the goal, in an effort to format them in a more regular and smooth pattern.

The length and frequence of sessions deviates, although normally between 15 and 30 sessions each lasting between 30 minutes to an hour are common. It is broadly considered preferable to duplicate the routine on a monthly basis in order to adequately sustain the ensuing decrease in the appearance of cellulite.

Although individual sessions maybe themselves may not be really costly, because of the amount of sittings advocated, treatment costs can rise rapidly. For instance, it is not extraordinaire for a individual session targeted at getting rid of cellulite to be billed at the rate of $100. Hence, a urged 15 session regimen could cost $1500.

Topical Cellulite Treatments

The least intrusive, least pricey and numerous think most preferable treatment choice in battling cellulite is the application of topical cellulite creams and other formulations. Cellulite creams oftentimes comprise a number of disparate ingredients which in concert could assist in attacking a condition of cellulite.

These elements can could comprise extract of algae, which it is postulated can assist in the dissolution of fat and the revving up of one’s metabolic process; extract of green tea, which it is postulated facilitates in getting rid of cellulite by working in concurrence with extract of algae to increase the fat burning effect as well as the increase in metabolism; and lastly, Retinol A, which is obtained from vitamin A and is a compound that is utilized by the body to build and rectify connective tissue and skin cells.

It is claimed that Retinol A not only has a rejuvenation purpose but also lessens cellulite and helps avoiding the exacerbation of the condition. It is additionally conceived that vitamin A can really enhance the texture of the skin, maximizing its smoothness and its firmness that in concert intensifies a woman’s endeavors in getting rid of cellulite by leveraging the cellulite-fighting attributes of the cellulite emollient.

There are many factors which affect the establishment, nature and future course of cases of cellulite. These components include heredity, liquid consumption, diet, use of smoking products, the existence of stresses and tensions in one’s life, and the utilization of either nonprescription or prescription medications.

Cellulite treatment could comprise possibly serious, incursive operations; the use of expensive machinelike devices, or the use of comparatively cheap but still safe and efficacious otc topical formulations for example cellulite treatment commercial compounds.

The Role Of Celebrities In Advertising Techniques

Without endorsers, the product is lifeless and faceless. However, when endorsers become the advertising techniques used in introducing the product, then said product has brought to life.

Moreover, if businesses use the face of famous celebrities, then the product has an instant fame and profits are expected to skyrocket.

The brand is projected to be living and credible with the presence of celebrities. Analysts believe that famous celebrities are more capable catching the attention of consumers.

In addition to that, brands being established by celebrities are more likely to retain longer on the memory of consumers. Conversely, the brands are easily recalled with a mere mention of a product.

If the advertisers lack ideas on how to promote a brand with products that have many competitors, they use popular celebrities to optimize the brand image and to grant it instant credibility or PR coverage.

This principle particularly holds true if the celebrity has ascending popularity or career.

Many businesses capitalize on such fame by selling a part of that dream. They project an attractive image with hidden message that if consumers patronize their products, they are likely to be leveled with celebrities; that they can also share and live up the dream and success.

This is among the principle of creative advertising techniques.

Celebrities are good at facilitating the advertising techniques that businesses desire to implement. They are efficient at connecting to the consumers.

They can reach out to the consumers in whatever manner the endorsers have strong impact in. some experts call it a power to connect with the consuming public.

If the ideal star is employed to represent the product, his strong appeal can send a brand message without further statement.

Billboards are best and effective when photos of popular celebrities grace them. There is no need for them to speak. Their image did it, and the statement is compelling.

When it comes to highlighting features of a product, there is no better promoter than a superstar. This is regardless of the reputation of the brand.

If the brand is already reputable, then its reputation is further enhanced. On the other hand, if the brand is new, it is given help in establishing its reputation by the famous endorser.

Of course, depending on the product being endorsed, the business should carefully select the star that will represent the image of the brand.

If the product is an apparel, actors and sports athletes alike are the most attractive and effective tool to carry out the advertising techniques.

The legend has it that when Snoop Dog appeared on “Saturday Night Live” dressed in a rugby shirt bearing Tommy Hilfiger logo, the brand sales reached $100Million mark up.

When a certain television program is the current hit, its leading or popular actors are particularly fragrant to consumers, that any endorsements they make are a sure hit.

This is also similar with movie superstars and performing artists. Their talent is appealing to their fans that fan themselves imitate and idolize them.

They pattern their lifestyle after theirs, including the places they frequent and the brands they personally use. Hence, they are excellent carriers of brand names.

The Master Cleanse Diet The Diet Of Celebrities

The Master Cleanse diet was created by Stanley Burroughs who was an early advocate of natural health, and believed that the body could heal itself. The benefits people have experienced by using this diet have been nothing short of amazing. Chronic health problems people have suffered with for years disappear in as little as 10 days on this unique diet.

The fact is, people today lead toxic lifestyles. We eat food that is loaded with chemicals, We breathe air that is polluted, and our daily lives are riddled with so much stress, and anxiety that our bodies have to deal with.

Doing the Master Cleanse diet is able to undo years of damage to the body in one simple course of 10 days or less. Master Cleanse involves just a few simple steps but they have to be followed exactly for the cleanse to work. Before we get started with the Master Cleanse Diet, let’s discuss what the Master Cleanse is, who invented it, who should use it, and why you might want to try it.

The Master Cleanse diet has a couple of different names, so to clear up any confusion they include the master cleanse, the master cleanser and the lemonade diet.

We are slowly poisoning ourselves. Our colon, liver, kidneys, gall bladder, and every other organ in our body are running at the limit. Failing to adopt a healthier lifestyle could take years off your life. It could also mean living the rest of your life in chronic pain, fatigue, obesity, and a plethora of other negative health problems that tend to visit people who lead this sort of toxic lifestyle.

Master Cleanse can help remove this built up waste in your body. This Master Cleanse is gaining acceptance due to its many beneficial effects that coincide with its core principles of detoxification. It’s regularly used by celebrities like Beyonce Knowles and Robin Quivers of the Howard Stern show. Even men like Eddie Vedder are fans of detoxing in this way.

Singer, Beyonce announced on the Oprah Winfrey show that she had lost 20 pounds on the Master Cleanse in preparation for her starring role in the film Dreamgirls.

Model, Naomi Campbell, tries to complete a Master Cleanse three times a year…”the most I’ve ever done it for is 18 days”

Actress Demi Moore tweeted that she and her husband Ashton Kutcher were doing the Master Cleanse and, rather than weight loss or appearance, “this is about health!!!”

Gwyneth Paltrow, actress and wife of Coldplay’s Chris Martin likes to do a fast or cleanse about twice a year. She’s tried the Master Cleanse and found it worked well for her.

Robin Quivers from the Howard Stern show went on the Master Cleanse after hearing Magician David Blaine rave about it on her show. Robin credits the Master Cleanse for her 70 pound weight loss, and renewed health.

Josh Brolin has done the Master Cleanse diet a few times now and uses it to get in shape, both mentally and physically, before starting a new film

The diet doesn’t only promote health and a healthy body, but Master Cleansing will help your body detox itself without drugs or surgery.

The diet works so well at cleansing and detoxing your body of years of undigested food that people have reported things they had swallowed as a child coming out in their stool while on Master Cleanse. So don’t be surprised if you finally retrieve the allowance money you swallowed as a child.

Are Celebrity Endorsements Good Or Bad

Speculations involved

The celebrities add a touch of glamour and hope to the products. The viewer gets excited when he sees a dream star endorsing a particular product. A survey denotes that people of age group 15 to 25 greatly admire cricketers followed by the Bollywood stars. Thats the reason why the cricket tycoon Sachin Tendulkar turned down the $4.4 million by not endorsing a liquor brand which would have harmed the youngsters of the country who almost blindly follow his every act. Supported by the Source Credibility Theory, the message conveyed and received mostly depends on the trustworthiness and expertise and credibility of the endorser.

Are celebrity endorsements good or bad?

This is as debatable question as should celebrities indulge in multiple marriages or not? First thing is first, endorser has a great impact on sales. What matters is, the point they try to convey. The brand message which is what the viewere are supposed to follow. Celebrities endorse various products such as, soft drinks, shampoo, bikes, cars, etc. They also endorse lifestyles, by projecting an image, of status, wealth; that people desire. A great example of this is Jennifer Aniston finding some relief from her painful life by practicing yoga, and its a good virtue that she tried to help her teacher promote her yoga DVD. However, all the promotional efforts only showed that she achieved a great and hot body through yoga! Nothing at all about the relief, calm and mental peace received from the holistic practices of yoga.

Celebrities stand as the icons for public. They have the charisma and popularity to make the masses follow them. This is dependent on the values and the principles cherished by the endorser while endorsing certain products. The awareness of effects of the brand campaign, message and the product itself will have on the audience should be taken into consideration before endorsing any brand.

Role of the audience

That again comes to the social responsibility of the publically idealized figures. Brand endorsements currently have the pros and cons just like most things do. This also makes a point for receptivity of the viewers. It would certainly not be wise to blindly accept and follow things said or recommended by people, you hardly know closely.

Celebrity endorsement is a tool to improve the visibility of the product, brand and the company itself in the market via celebrity gossip and celebrity news channels. The celebrities have done their part but the viewers have to be responsible enough to assess, scrutinize and then form an opinion about the product.

Rising Tissot Watches Sale In Varied Parts Of Asia

Asia is an emerging market popular with many producers of top notch accessories. Emerging markets in Asia with high tissot watches sale are India and China. Tissot Company has recently opened a boutique in India from where they distribute their chronographs to Indian consumers and consumers from other parts of Asia.

India is one of the countries in the world with high watch sales. Leading Swiss watch companies have branches in India to deal with the ever increasing demand of chronographs in India and other Asian countries. The reason for the increasing demand of luxurious accessories in some parts of Asia is the increasing GDP of the various countries in Asia. GDP of these countries has increased due to increase in exports caused by increase in industrial production.

With the increase in GDP, the disposable incomes of consumers increase. When the disposable income increases, people have at their disposal more money to spend on basic wants and luxuries. The GDP of Asian countries is presently expanding at a faster rate than that of Western countries. This explains the reason why every watch company in Switzerland is rushing to set tent in India and other Asian countries.

Bollywood celebrities just as Hollywood celebrities always like to adorn classy timepieces on their hands such as tissot time pieces. These time pieces enjoy immense popularity among celebrities in Asia just as it enjoys immense popularity among celebrities in the US. Bollywood with its ever increasing number of films each and every month is churning out more celebrities each year.

Asian entertainment celebrities just as entertainment celebrities from the USA love luxury timepieces. Asia has a big number of music entertainers and actors who are fanatical about luxury. Sports personalities in Asia are also fanatical about adorning in their writs highly prestigious timepieces like tissot timepieces.

The high monthly sales of elegant watch pieces in Asia are also majorly influenced by the spending patterns of Asian business professionals. The number of business executives in the Asian continent is presently at an all time high. Business executives earn handsome salaries that make them willing to purchase expensive accessories.

The demand of chronographs in the world is not just from highly remunerated individuals but also from individuals with average salaries. Managers and employees with average income tend to prefer Swiss replica chronographs. Replica chronographs are highly quality pieces that come at very pocket friendly prices.

Tissot watches sale is rapidly increasing in all regions of Asia. Asian celebrities, business leaders and entertainers contribute to the high sales watch companies make in Asia. Managers, self employed individuals and individuals employed by companies and businesses also contribute to the high profits enjoyed by the different Switzerland based watch companies.

Making A Statement With Wristbands From Celebrities To Schools

Wristbands are a great invention. They serve several traditional purposes such as crowd control, and identification, and they can even serve as a fashion statement. As wristbands become more and more popular, the uses for them become more refined and creative. People have even started wearing wristbands to make strong statements regarding diseases and religious beliefs. The advent of the Lance Armstrong live strong wristbands, cancer awareness wristbands, and Kabbalah wristbands have people all across the globe making statements with a small wrist accessory. Additionally, kids in school will soon be sporting Red Ribbon Week wristbands in honor of their pledge to stay drug free. Who knew wristbands could stand for so much!

Wristbands first became popular when the W.W.J.D wristbands were unleashed on the scene. The next statement made with wristbands came from the livestrong bracelets. Those bracelets coupled with the Say it, Fight it, Cure it wristbands launched a full campaign for the fight against cancer. Many famous celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Robin Williams, and Bono have been seen sporting these high fashion yellow bracelets. These wristbands are a symbol that you or someone you know is living with cancer, or that you are a supporter to find the cure.

The next craze for wristbands came with Madonna and her Kabbalah bracelets. These wristbands struck a huge cord with the celebrity scene, with the likes of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton sporting the small red bracelet. The Kabbalah wristband represents that mystical segment of Jewish studies that is supposed to give explanations as to the relationship between the spiritual and the physical. Its a statement of religion and spiritual beliefs.

Moving past the celebrity craze, wristbands worn during Red Ribbon Week are an excellent way for kids to make their statement against the use of drugs. These wristbands symbolize a pledge to stay drug free. Many kids like to wear their wristbands for the entire week, so schools can purchase plastic wristbands or vinyl wristbands which are quite durable and will last for all of Red Ribbon Week. These wristbands can be customized with slogans like, Drug Free, Live Smart, or Dare to be Drug Free. They are a great representation of the communities commitment to drug prevention and ongoing education as their children face the never ending battle of peer pressure.

Wristbands have become a way for everyone to make a statement, from the young to the old, the unknown to the famous; you can wear your cause on your wrist. Its a small and easy way to take a stand for something you believe in. The next time you leave the house; hopefully you can glance down at your wrist, and get a little sense of encouragement.