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Government paid to celebrities for health campaigning

Melinda Messenger among other famous faces have been paid vast amounts by the government to get involved in campaigns promoting healthy eating and stopping smoking campaigns. The department of health have released figures which prove that 89,384 pounds was spent on the payment of celebrities for just 5 of these campaigns. It is estimated that approximately 13,000 pounds was paid to each celebrity for their posing duties next to witty speech bubbles etc. etc.

Many celebrities such as Michael Parkinson have in the past taken part in such campaigns and have not been given a penny so there are major regulatory and moral changes to be made here. The lib-dem health spokesperson is demanding a breakdown of what individual celebrities made out of their time as he states that they would be in a position to gain massive benefits for themselves by being associated with such campaigns and that any other kind of remuneration is not necessary. .

One health minister suggested that such an amount of money was worth it considering the exposure the campaigns receive thereafter. He adds that the amount of money spent in this way is miniscule when the public health campaigns budget is considered but surely that is not the point-.

Surely the amount they get paid should be relative to what each celebrity gets for such public health related work. If Parky does without then so should Miss Messenger’s chest especially considering Parkinson’s impact would be harder hitting than Melinda’s. I suppose the sad thing is, maybe by today’s standards, her influence will be much more powerful.

Stopping smoking is so difficult and celebrity influence can be both positive and negative when we consider the wannabe Britneys behind the prefabs puffing away before their next class. There will always be someone giving out about tax payer’s money and what it is being spent on. If Melinda tells us to eat five a day and if then people do, I suppose it makes the country that little bit healthier even if at a cost.

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Celebrity Makeup Tips and Celebrities Without Makeup

How come celebrity makeup looks are so natural yet, so fabulous? No matter what the current makeup trends are or whether it is an everyday look or a glamorous red carpet affair, celebrity makeup always flawless. Read on to find celebrity makeup tips, tricks, and read about stars without makeup

Celebrity Makeup How To>

To quickly achieve those great celebrity makeup looks you don’t need to apply tons of makeup or expensive products. Just pay special attention to a few basic areas like the eyes, eyebrows, and skin. Here are some simple secret tricks from makeup artists to the stars to help you look fabulous in no time…………..

Celebrity Eye Makeup Tips


One of the biggest celebrity eye makeup tip is to emphasis the eyelashes and eyebrows. There are many ways celebs get those bold, long, thick eyelashes without resorting to expensive eyelash extensions or false eyelashes.

One simple trick for great looking thicker lashes is to apply a dusting of powder on the eyelashes right before applying mascara – this will make them much thicker and loner. Another tip is to curl the lashes before applying the mascara…….then apply two coats of curling mascara.

Other secret celebrity makeup tips for natural, yet dramatic eyes include choosing an eyeliner color that compliments your skin tone. For example, Kate Hudson’s makeup artist suggests that fair skinned women should avoid very dark or black eyes or eyeliners. Instead try using a lighter eye liner like medium gold, light brown, or gray. This gives the eyes a dramatic look without looking overdone.


Eyebrows are one of the most dramatic celebrity makeup looks since they frame the eyes and the entire face. Even when you see a celebrity — like Beyonce — without makeup, they always have perfectly shaped defined eyebrows.

The first step in perfectly groomed eyebrows is to shape them. Celebrity makeup artists use a good quality pair of tweezers to arch and shape, but if you not handy with eyebrow tweezers, consider visiting your local hair salon and spa. Many stylist can quickly shape your brows for a very low cost.

The second step to great brows is to make sure to fill in any bald spots with an eyebrow pencil that matches your brow color.

Use light feathery strokes and only fill the spots that are bold. Making the brows to heavy or dark can make you look angry and old. For red head celebrities like Nicole Kidman, the best color is a light to medium auburn. For blonds use taupe and brunettes, like Angelina Jolie, light or medium brown works best.

Natalie Portman’s makeup artist, Jeanine Lobell likes to use two different brow colors. A lighter one in the front and a darker one from the arch to the ends where hair tends to be thinner.

Celebrity Makeup Looks For Great Skin


One simple basic tip that celebrities from Katie Holmes to Katie Couric swear by is to exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!! Whether or not you plan to wear foundation, having smooth, soft, moist skin can enhance your appearance and give you a natural dewy look. After thoroughly cleaning the skin and before moisturizing, make sure you exfoliate with a natural produt. Exfoliating helps remove dead skin cells, reduce the appearance of fine lines and age spots.

Once the skin is cleaned and exfoliated, it will be able to absorb any moisturizer much better – giving the skin a plumper, hydrated look. As you can see, celebrity makeup looks can be copied by anyone — just by using some of the few simple tricks outlined on this page.

Celebrities Without Makeup

We hardly ever see stars without makeup. However, some can pull it off. Check out the photo of Beyonce without makeup. Beyonce is one of the few celebs that can go without makeup and still look great!

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Methods Telling Celebrities Glasses From Replica Ones

We could always notice, deliberately or unintentionally, retailers crying out for customers both along the street and on the Internet that celebrities glasses sold within $10 to $50 are provided. Most customers would throb on knowing it, and a majority of them would take action to buy. However, a few of them has ever thought whether they are genuine ones or replica ones.

Replica glasses are usually poorly made. People wearing poorly made eyeglasses would feel dizzy and sick, meanwhile, objects in vision maybe blurry and deformed. More seriously, eyeglasses of low quality could contribute to many eye diseases to the eyeglass wearers. Trachoma, cataract and glaucoma, etc., are possible.

Therefore, one should learn to tell celebrities glasses from replica ones, so that their eye health would be better guaranteed. There are several methods: A). Check the package and relative assembly parts. celebrities glasses are equipped with manufacturer certificates, instructions in which detailed information for eyeglass frame and lens materials are included, as well as patented eyeglass case and cloth. Plus each glasses have its own electric product code and color code, which are especially designed by the manufactures. Therefore, before buying eyeglasses, you could surf on the Internet to check those information. B). Professional after services are provided. For the brand reputation, celebrities glasses offer professional services in case of possible problems of the glasses having been sold. C). Celebrities glasses are taken from the general agents concerned, but replica ones are not taken from the general agents, but maybe even from nameless factories. Usually there is no maintainability assurance provided. D). The easiest way is to distinguish them is according to the price. Under normal circumstances, no celebrities glasses would be sold at extremely low prices, like $10, $30 and $50. The range of fluctuation is within 25%–30%. It is true that the cheap buyer takes bad meat.

Learning from the above 4 points, one is believed to be able to tell celebrities glasses from replica ones in some degree. Therefore, when you once again encountering eyeglass retailers along the street or on the Internet who crying out that they provide celebrities eyeglasses of extreme price, do not believe them no matter how realistically they are describing their goods. Do not buy them as well, for poor qualified eyeglasses are rather bad for eye health.

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Brand Name And Celebrity Image To Promote Business

Modern Marketing needs more than just developing a product, pricing it attractively and making it accessible in splendor shopping malls. Now a days, marketing is one step ahead than it was earlier. It needs to communicate with common people, address their inner fantasy world and attempt to inform consumers that your product (brand) is their ultimate choice. Many companies use known or unknown people to convey their message but how a message is delivered has a greater impact on consumers than the Brand name itself. Messages delivered by media icons or popular sources mostly achieve higher attention and recall that is why advertisers often use celebrities as their brand representative or spokespeople.

Brands are considered to have personalities and identified the characteristics like sincerity, excitement, competence, sophistication, ruggedness and zealous and consumers are likely to choose brands whose personalities match their own. So the choice of celebrity is critical that who is going to represent which specific brand. The celebrity must have high recognition, extremely positive high profile, immense likeability and high appropriateness to the product. For example, any sports personality has high recognition but due to involvement in drugs and rude behavior they have negative affect among youth and other groups. Similarly, many media images like Brad Pitt, Sindey Crafford, Britney Spears, Tom Cruise, Amir Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Brett Lee and Ronaldino are successfully endorsing a large number of products because they have extremely high positive rankings in recognition and likeability.

Athletes and Sports Personalities usually endorse sporty apparels, shoes, blazers, sport products and sports companies, health and energy drinks. Media icons represent brands that are sophisticated, mild, and create fantasy like designer dresses, watches, cosmetics and fragrances. The known personalities (Celebrities) do not always cast a successful promotion of a specific brand to position in public mind. For example, if someone has a high liking towards a personality but not towards that brand to which he is endorsing, a two way effect can occur, either, the consumer will end up liking that celebrity a bit less or start liking that brand a bit more. But if that person will see his favorite celebrity continuously attached in praising other dislike brands, he or she will eventually develop a negative image of the celebrity and maintains the negative attitudes towards the brand.

According to an expert, a number of companies also use a specific personality to overcome the crisis if their brand faces at some point in time. Because, celebrities have an assuring personalities and they can give a positive reputation to that tangible product.

Places Celebrities Eat In London

Imagine the excitement that comes over you when you realise that on the table opposite there is a celebrity digging into their Sunday lunch? Talking from experience its exhilarating and an amazing feeling, but where do you find these celebrities? Surely they don’t just eat anywhere? Read on.

Star of India
The star of India, as the name suggests is an Indian restaurant, but not just any restaurant! The Star of India was founded by top chef Shah Boshir Uddin Ahmed in 1978 who has since retired, but not before teaching everything he knows to his son who is now the executive chef manager.

The Star of India is always busy and is frequented by local and international stars, in order to ensure you get a table make sure you book well in advance. Based on two floors, the restaurant offers a unique private setting for the diners which appeals to the famous.

875 High Road
E11 1HR

Gordon Ramsay – Claridges
Anyone whos anyone has been to this London restaurant. This is mainly due to the owner being a celebrity in his own right! Gordon Ramsey known for being a meticulous perfectionist and ruthless with his staff ensures the food you eat will be fabulous and celebrities know this too and are often spotted at this restaurant.

Brook Street

Chez Bruce
Small comfortable restaurant by chef-patron Bruce Poole is well known to be frequented by celebrities of all forms. Chez Bruce only seats 70 people in the main dining area, with a further private dining section which will seat only 18 – a feature used often by celebrities.

2 Bellevue Road,
Wandsworth Common,
SW17 7EG

Bollywood Celebrities Sucesses

Let us look at how rejects of some actors made stars of others!
Hrithik Roshan: He dropped out of Bunti aur Babli because he was busy with Koi Mil Gaya. He missed out on three good movies: Rang De Basanti, Dil Chahta Hai and Swades. Hrithik Roshan was to do Siddarth’s role in Rang De Basanti. But Hrithik wanted to do Aamir’s role. Rakesh Roshan on the other hand stated that Hrithik Roshan could not do the role because he was busy doing Krrish. There was another actor who walked out of the role due to creative differences. Read on to know more. Hrithik Roshan was also offered the role of Saif Ali Khan in Dil Chahta Hain which he did not do. Saif’s career skyrocketed from Dil Chahta Hai. Hrithik Roshan also could not do Swades because of date problems.
Aishwarya Rai: Aishwarya Rai was the original choice for the movie ‘Chalte Chalte’ SRK’s home production. She had even shot for some scenes. However there was always problems on sets due to intervening of Salman Khan while his then girlfriend Aishwarya Rai would work. There was an instance when Salman pursued Ash all the way to the sets and created a ruckus. SRK did not take this too politely and removed Ash from the movie. In walked Rani Mukherjee as Ash was shown the exit.
Vivek Oberoi: He walked out of Hum Tum because he thought he was worth a lot for the role The film eventually went to Saif Ali Khan. It is Viveik’s biggest career regret because Saif Ali Khan got the Filmfare best actor in a comic role and also the National Award for the Best Actor.
Twinkle Khanna: Rejected Kuch Kuch Hota Hai thinking it was a minuscule role. Though the role was small, I am sure it would been impactful than the entire set of sloppy movies the actress did in her career!
Bipasha Basu: She was the original choice for the Dhoom babe, the role which eventually went to Rimmi Sen.
Akshay Kumar: Lost out on a dream debut ‘Phool Aur Kaante’ which went to Ajay Devgan. Akshay Kumar was busy with Deedar.
Arjun Ramphal: Arjun Ramphal was given Siddarth’s role in Rang De Basanti. However he walked out of the movie because he found the creative team undisciplined. He even spoke on Koffe with Karan that he had no idea of the role. So he walked out in frustration which eventually turned to be a goldmine for Siddarth.
From the above, it is visible that two stars who benefited the most out of offers which were rejected were Shahrukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan. Both of them took the risk and profited immensely. This data is mostly of films that were released in the 90s and the current decade. Do put in your inputs and comments if you know other star rejects which worked wonder for others.

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Craze of Celebrity Dresses

Now as far as the celebrity dresses, it is now true that most of them are following knees dresses which are so called long dresses. Knees dresses are those dresses which are long in nature, and they basically reached up to the knees of the person who wear them. It is true that knee dresses are common from some days and these dresses are adopted by such person who want to be in trend. Many persons, who are actually fashionable and they just want to adopt latest and new fashion all the time, they love the celebrity dresses, and even their walk style that how they walk, how they move, how they speak, how they talk, and how they sleep, how they smile and all that. These are so called crazy fans of celebrity dresses. They are the biggest fans of their respective celebrities and they love to do exactly like that their respective celebrities do. >

Apart from the following them, it is what so ever to be seen that there are some crazy fans of their celebrities which even are agree to do whatever their celebrity want. That is why some celebrities when turn up in politics or in sports then their fans also ultimately turn up in politics and sports. These are the few tactics which most of the people use to do just to grab a big number of individual and a big number of the citizens. As far as the celebrity dresses concern, it is somehow true that these dresses are unique, different, and wonderful in designs and stuff. However, if we say that these dresses can only be suit to the celebrities then it will not wrong.

It is the fact that these dresses are usually adopted by the celebrities, they only suit to their personality. In fact if we say that these dresses are made up for the celebrities, then we are not wrong in our sense. Basically when the celebrity dresses are use or copied by some of their fan and they think that it will also suit on them then it is not exactly true. The reason for this is the suit of dresses can not only be depend on the person look but also his or her body type. So that if are taking and grabbing some of such dress then we have to be sure that these dresses will definitely suit on our self also.

Kat Dennings New Movie Daydream Nation Picked Up By Anchor Bay For Distribution

Daydream Nation starring Kat Dennings and Josh Lucas, has been picked up by Anchor Bay for distribution in 2011.

Bad Publicity of the Film
While this film is yet to hit theatres, there is some bad publicity surrounding the film that has been circling the news world. Apparently, nude pictures of Kat Dennings are on the web, and people are getting extremely excited about that instead of the movie. Actress Kat Dennings, best known for her appearance in Nick and Norahs Infinite Playlist and who will also be appearing in upcoming films Daydream Nation and Thor, seems to be at the center of a nude photo scandal. Compromising photos, which seem to be of Dennings, appeared on the Internet on Friday. If these rumors are true then it could be bad publicity for the movie or maybe good publicity too? Time will only tell. Kat Dennings is a young actress and has performed well in different films.

Gossip Consumes the Day
Celebrity gossip, celebrity news, and nude pictures of celebrities are some of the things that are talked about. And, this kind of news is never forgotten, it is written about every time any other news related to that celebrity is written about. Most celebrities have gotten used to the pranks that people play by posting nude pictures of a look-alike, and spreading rumors about celebrities, although, in some cases the rumors are true.

Privacy Matters
Another topic that people love to discuss is the number of surgeries celebrities undertake, and if anyone gets a breast implant, or a
liposuction surgery, or a plastic surgery, then it makes headlines on the gossip channels and even in newspapers. Liposuction can be a private affair and people should respect the privacy of individuals. Liposuction is a surgical procedure undertaken to remove excess fat, and no individual owes an explanation to another about what part of the body they underwent surgery for.

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