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Celebrity Hair Hair Extensions

Have you ever wished you could have the same high-quality hair styles that the celebrities have? You may, or may not, know this, but many of the most famous celebrities use hair extensions to get those fabulous styles. With this being the case, there is simply no reason you cannot have those same incredible styles if you use the right type.

Open any glamour magazine and you are likely to see one photo after another of celebrities decked out in expensive designer clothing and sporting some of the most attractive hair styles on earth. Not everyone can afford a new designer outfit, but anyone can afford the unique types of hair extensions that some of the rich and famous use on a daily basis. But how do you select the type that will best fit your needs and budget?

For those new to extensions, it all begins with selecting the type of material that you want them to be made of. You have two basic choices: real and synthetic. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks.

Extensions, both clip in and pre bonded, that are made of real hair often cost a bit more than synthetic extensions. The difference in price, however, is not always prohibitive. Doing some comparison shopping can save you a lot of money and it not hard to find very good deals on real hair extensions. Another benefit to real hair is that they are often crafted with more hair in the weft thus giving them a richer and fuller look. Not only this, but being real hair means that they can also be styled with heat such as straighteners, curling irons, and also cut, whereas synthetic hair cannot.

Synthetic extensions have the benefit of being priced less, but they also have another benefit. Synthetic hair can be weaved and dip dyed in a whole variety of ways making them extremely versatile, regardless of the look that you are seeking. Some of the most interesting and exotic clip in extensions are actually made from synthetic hair material. This is one reason so many celebrities opt for synthetic hair extensions when they are looking for a very unique and individual style.

In both cases, real hair extensions or synthetic, you can choose from an array of weaving and styling techniques. This means that you can easily find hair extensions that feature straight hair or curly hair. You can select from pre-bonded products if you wish, and, as mentioned above, you can select from just about any colour you can imagine. With so many benefits it is no wonder that celebrities all over the world are choosing hair extensions when it comes to their hair styles.

Perhaps one of the most valuable benefits for the rest of us is that they are affordable. While it may cost a few hundred dollars to have a Hollywood hair designer do his or her magic, hair extensions and clip in hair extensions are affordable. This means that any woman who wants to have a celebrity look can have that look and do so without breaking her budget.

Famous Taurus Celebrities

People who are born between 20th of April and 20th of May fall under the sun sign of Taurus. Taurians are mostly possessive, accommodating, stimulating and strong willed. Their symbol is The Bull. Their stone is Emerald and their color is Green. They are humble since their element is Earth and are ruled by the planet Venus. The following are the top 5 Taurus celebrities: Al Pacino – Born on April 25, 1940, Pacino is an American film and stage director and actor. He is famous for the roles he played in films such as Godfather, Scarface, Dick Tracy, Carlito’s Way and others. His won the Academy award for best actor in 1992 for his role as Frank Slade in Scent of a Woman.

Andre Agassi is the second top celebrity Taurian. He was the former world no.1 American Tennis player. He is considered by fellow players and critics as one of the greatest tennis players of all time. He is also known as one of the best service returners.

Armand Hammer, a famous celebrity Taurian was a successful American businessman. He was mainly associated with Occidental Petroleum Company which he headed for decades. He was also known for his philanthropic works, art collection and close network of acquaintances and friends.

Bertrand Russell was a true Taurian in every sense of the word. He was a British historian, author, mathematician, philosopher and social critic. He was born in one of the most aristocratic families in Britain and some of his works have been read and re-read by his fans several times.

David Beckham is one of the greatest footballers of all time. He has played a lot for England and the team won several awards owing to his superb sportsmanship. He is one of the most recognised footballers of all times and is a Taurus celebrity.

Taureans such as those mentioned above are known for their stubborn streak. They also enjoy sheer beauty. Cluttered or unpleasant surrounding can leave Taureans truly disturbed or even physically ill. People who belong to this sun sign also love to be or operate in familiar settings. They like to plan things for their future and always take efforts to stick to that plan.

Read more: Famous Taurus and Taurus Sign

Hollywood Celebrities Savor Tummy Honey

Hollywood mothers are spreading the news about “Tummy Honey Stretch Mark Solutions,” all-natural products for unsightly stretch marks from Mothers Intuition, Inc. An industry leader in expertly addressing both the prevention of stretch marks and the fading of existing ones, “Tummy Honey Stretch Mark Solutions” is the hip body care line for prenatal and postnatal moms. Actress and musician Carnie Wilson, actress Jennie Garth and Vanessa Bryant, wife of Kobe Bryant, have all seen super star results with “Tummy Honey Stretch Mark Solutions” which has also been gifted to Gwyneth Paltrow, Melissa Joan Hart, Carrie Ann Moss, Kylie Bax, and more.

The “Tummy Honey Stretch Mark Solutions” product line includes:
Tummy Honey Butter The ultimate solution for the prevention of new stretch marks. This thick, non-greasy, oil-based formula penetrates deep into the skin layers, maintaining skin moisture and elasticity. Ingredients include cocoa butter, shea butter, Vitamins D and E, aloe vera gel, wheat germ oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, and much more. Cost: .95

Tummy Honey Cream Prefect for fading existing stretch marks. Includes a unique plant extract clinically proven to fade stretch marks typically 30-50% or more. Featuring an emulsion-based formula that soaks in quickly while keeping the skin elastic and ultra moist. Cost: .95

Tummy Honey Stick – A convenient and easy-to-apply prevention alternative to Tummy Honey Butter. Cost: .95

Tummy Honey Gift Set- Contains full sizes of all three products in a handy gingham-lined, zippered carrying case. Cost: .95

The “Tummy Honey Stretch Mark Solutions” product line is hypoallergenic and is 100% free of petroleum, lanolin or artificial preservatives (like Methyl or Propyl Parabens). Its extensive range of hydrating emollients and healing agents have been clinically proven to fade stretch marks by rebuilding the collagen matrix of the skin, while its special soothing ingredients act as an anti-itch salve for growing tummies.

An industry leader in addressing both the prevention and fading of stretch marks
Proven favorite of celebrity Moms
All natural, hypoallergenic
Includes no petroleum, lanolin or artificial preservatives
Clinically proven to reduce stretch marks by rebuilding the collagen matrix of the skin
Special soothing agents act as an anti-itch salve
Terrific price points for an A-list product line
Special gift set features entire product line

Celebrities And Designer Reading Glasses

The fashion industry is not just about clothing and shoes, accessories play a major role in a complete personal fashion statement. The eyeglass industry has made a major impact on fashion and designers as well as celebrities want to be recognized for being totally in sync with what is worn on the body, as well as what is worn on the face. Reading glasses and sunglasses are considered essential fashion accessories and designers develop styles that compliment them. Every brand wants eyewear recognition and every consumer wants eyewear that distinguish and accent their personal fashion tastes. The eyeglass market is constantly changing and new designers license their names to eyeglass companies to promote a lifestyle or attitude. Celebrities wear their designs and a profitable relationship develops, which is called a complete fashion statement.

The list of fashion designers that license their name for reading glasses and sunglasses is a long one. Every designer knows that theres a celebrity waiting to advertise and promote their product. Brands like Baby Phat, Converse. Prada, Burberry, Polo, Kate Spade, Guess, Gucci and Hugo Boss, as well as Ray-Ban, Oakley and Shuron Ronsir and countless others, all play a major role in the eyeglass market. Fashion is rooted in association. Everyone develops a fashion statement based on something that is already established. Theres a consumer who wears only Polo clothing or Kate Spade designs, so the reading glasses must be in sync with the brands clothing and other accessories.

Celebrities are considered walking billboards when it comes to promoting an eyeglass brand. Brad Pitt wearing a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses is worth millions in sales, but when you add names like Johnny Depp, Ben Affleck and Luke Ford to Ray-Ban’s list of wearers, the sales continue to grow season after season. Tom Cruise in a pair of Oakley Romeos or John Travolta in a pair of Oakley Square Wires or Matt Damon seen wearing a pair of Shuron Ronsir Zyls, creates new fashion statements that trickle through different cultures and create individual attitudes and style niches. The eyeglass industry is driven and supported by celebrities that wear eyeglasses and designers who license their name. It is a relationship that is a win for everyone involved. Thanks to that relationship, sunglasses and reading glasses have moved from the inexpensive racks in grocery stores to designer display cases in high-end retail outlets. A designer pair of reading glasses can cost as much as tailored suit or dress. Eyeglasses have taken their rightful place in the fashion world and that places keeps getting bigger everyday.

Paula Hermanny And This Year’s Vix Bikini Products

Paula’s Inspirational Influences
Paula Hermanny credits her grandmothers for getting her started in the design world. Growing up in Brazil, Paula spent hours with her maternal grandmother, Izaura. Izaura’s excellent sewing and design skills were passed on to Paula. Joana, her paternal grandmother, was a woman of style and grace. Always well-groomed and well-dressed, Joana taught Paula an appreciation of style and sophistication. Without the influence of these two grandmothers on Paula, Vix women’s swimwear may never have been born.
Who Is The Vix Woman?
Paula’s muse is the Vix Woman. Traveling around the world, vacationing at the world’s most celebrated resorts and beaches, Paula views the Vix Woman at the most popular luxury resort destinations. She takes a look at what swimwear the Vix Woman is wearing and then Paula conceives her next summer fashion swimsuits collection from what she sees.
The Fashion World Takes Notice
To be featured in the Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit edition is the pinnacle of achievement for swimwear designers. Paula did not waste time getting her swimwear collection noticed and onto the pages of Sports Illustrated and other major fashion magazines. Celebrities noticed Vix immediately and many celebrities prefer the fit and look of Vix swimwear. But, its not just celebrities who wear Vix. Not at all. Women throughout the world wear Vix to the lake, the pool and the beach and feel great doing it because the swimwear fits so well.
The 2010 Summer Season Vix Swimwear Collection
One of the reasons that women love this swimwear is the level of choice they have in both top styling and bottom styling. Many of the bikinis and one-piece swimsuits are available in different cuts and styles cut from the same cloth.
The solid navy blue Jona tube one-piece swimsuit is a has a go-anywhere look. With slightly ruched cups, gold tube embellishments on the straps and halter tie, the Jona is understated elegance at its best.
The Sunset Black Ring one-piece swimsuit is a black and pink striped print with tones of khaki. This suit has a deep V neck and 23k gold plated ring detailing along with a halter that ties behind the neck and a fully open back. This trendy suit is fully lined.
Vix swimwear is all about giving customers the choices. Both large and small busted women will find a Vix bikini that was made with them in mind. From bandeau, ring, tub, halter and triangle tops to string, tie, flip, ring and ruffled bottoms you will find just what you are looking for in a bikini.
The Mosaic Butterfly bikini is 100% girl. With ruffled pink, purple and aqua kaleidoscope print bottom and white bandeau top, this cute suit has a butterfly adornment between the cups. This is a very pretty suit perfect for high school or college students.
For women who need additional support on top, the Paradise Pink thread long tri brown solid top with paradise pink bottom was made for you. The halter top has reinforced ties behind the neck and at the back for a greater level of support. At the top of each cup is contrasting pink threads. The bottom features ring sides for a trendy, fresh look.

Celebrities and Famous People With ADHD

The ranks of individuals in our society with ADHD is expanding. ADHD is not limited to a specific region, how much money a family has, how involved the parents are or what type of education they have received. The basic symptoms are not caused by foods or environment but the symptoms can all increase in severity because of these things.

From all walks of society there are many famous people with ADHD who have been able to deal with the disorder and overcome it in many areas. Often many famous people who may have ADHD but never get it diagnosed because of their celebrity status has more leeway in what behavior is acceptable. Many more famous people probably have ADHD but will not be diagnosed although they display all the classic symptoms of having the disorder.

For those who have been diagnosed with ADHD and need to see the light at the end of the tunnel, will be relieved to know that many famous people with ADHD have good lives and good careers. They were able to succeed and are still managing their ADHD symptoms through various means.

Famous People with ADHD, still living include: Jim Carrey, Prince Charles, Cher, Ann Bancroft, Harry Belafonte, Whoopi Goldberg, Dustin Hoffman, Steven Spielberg, Robin Williams and more. The list goes on and on. Most of these famous people are a bit older. Most young celebrities keep their medical conditions private but Lindsay Lohan would also be a pretty good bet for being ADHD and she is a good example of what famous people with ADHD look like when they don’t get help or some type of treatment. They end up in and out of prison, sharing the same fate as those children and young adults from poorer neighborhoods.

Some very notable people with ADHD from our history books include some of the most well known names like; Albert Einstein, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, Henry Ford, Ernest Hemingway, John F. Kennedy, John Lennon, Abraham Lincoln, Sir Issac Newton, John D. Rockefeller, Babe Ruth, etc… Many of these were able to turn their weaknesses into strengths and use the knowledge of how their ADHD effected them so they could get the best outcome for themselves with the tools they had to work with.

Knowing that these famous people with ADHD were able to deal with their disorder and succeed, long before the adhd medication now widely available today was ever invented.

Learn more about ADHD Medication before you create your ADHD treatment plan for yourself or your child. The author worked in the healthcare industry dealing with ADHD and other disorders for the past 8 years.

Angelina Jolie And Other Celebrities’ Secret Kickboxing Workouts

Angelina Jolie’s secret to gaining lean muscle mass is her high speed, high endurance Kickboxing training. Taking on blockbuster action-film roles in movies like “Tomb Raider” and ‘Wanted”. Sporting a model’s amazing tall, lean physique, She is known for her gorgeous, sculpted figure.

To get a figure like Jolie’s, Brunswick Ohio Adventure Karate’s Rapid Results Kickboxing is key. Kickboxing is a high intense activity that can burn anywhere from 600 to 800 calories per session. Step aerobics, pilates or weight training doesn’t even come close. The reason that kickboxing is such a great fat-burning exercise is that the high speed and high hitting- kicking involved gives your body the extra jolt it needs to burn off stubborn fat. While burning this fat you are also simultaneously toning up the muscles in the body and gaining muscle strength.

Kickboxing takes a lot of breathing and muscle endurance. Great for the heart and cardiovascular, it keeps your heart rate in the target zone so you lose weight fast. Starting a routine is very exciting one, as one will discover after the initial empowering “warm-ups”.

You’re channeling your frustration, stress, adrenaline into a source of power and confidence. A great antidote to the toxic buildup of frustration in your life.

The punches and kicks that you do will help you relax. It is through this program that you will loosen up and let your inhibitions go as you unload anger, stress, frustration and bottled up emotions.

Don’t give up if the pace of the class is too much to handle at first. Kickboxing training is an intense activity that may be intimidating to beginners. So stick with it, commit yourself to it and exert a lot of will power to keep up, because the results are far more worth the effort.

Joints are strengthened and range of movement is increased by the routines required in Brunswick Ohio Adventure Karate’s Rapid Results Kickboxing Program. A wonderful benefit you will experience is a sharper mind in your work, at home, doing tasks or with the kids. It helps you to develop balance and coordination that allows for increased stability and form.

A lot of celebrities put kickboxing atop their weekly workouts. Kickboxing is great strength, cardio, and core training all in one. Celebs like; Angelina Jolie, Daisy Fuentes, Gwen Stefani, Samantha Harris, Kelly Clarkson and Marisa Miller. Male celebrities like; Matthew McConaughey, and Nick Carter use kickboxing as part of their exercise program to stay trim on and off the movie set.

A Huge Image Gallery, Image Gallery Of Miss Universe And Lots Of Fashion Wallpapers.

Santa Banta site is not only full of fun and humor but has grown out of its fullest. It has become a big source of entertainment by providing Bollywood gossip and Fashion news too. Santabanta has a huge Image Gallery, Image Gallery of Miss Universe and lots of Fashion Wallpapers. The major part of Bollywood parties is covered under this section. It has a biggest Celebes gallery, consists all the photos of female and male celebrities, Indian beauties, Indian models of the Bollywood and Hollywood too. You can easily get all the photos of events and parties happening in the Bollywood at Santabanta Photo gallery.

Alongside regular features, it covers prestigious pageants like Miss India, Miss. World and Miss Universe contests very elaborately. There is an immense collection of photographs of all the contestants with their profiles in the Image gallery of Miss Universe. It has photos of all the contestants and winners covering all the rounds of contest like swimsuits, summer, beachwear, evening gowns and so. A large section is covered with the photos of Ramp modeling. Santabanta provides enormous photos of all the Miss Universe events to its viewers. Men zone is also very popular with Santabanta visitors. All the Fashion Week photographs are much viewed by our esteemed visitors. Santabanta is famous for its photo gallery which shows all the Bollywood events.

Santa Banta Gallery is full of photos of all the events and parties happening in the Bollywood. It has a vast collection of all the celebrity photographs. If you want to know who was present in any of the parties who went for whose party you click on gallery section of Santa Banta to know all that. Gallery has different sections like Global celebrities female, Indian Celebrities female, Pakistani celebrities female, Bollywood movies, Global celebrities male. Galleries consisting photos of all the celebrities are in different section by their names where you can look for particular celebrity. Miss Universe pageant has its own section. All the photos of various events of Miss Universe are available on the site.

So stay updated with the Bollywood events and parties with clicking on Santa Banta Gallery. Catch up with all the actions of the celebrities and what they doing in their personal life and social life in these gallery. Here you can have a close look at them, about their style. So don’t forget to check the Gallery section of Santa Banta.Com.

A Look At The Motives Why So Many People Are Interested In The Lives Of Famous Celebrities

There is certainly very little new around the interest in famous celebrities. It has continually been this way since the introduction of radio, TV plus the mass media in general. The one distinction now is the growth of the media. Prior to now there were a few magazines that featured famous celebrities such as Life and a handful of others from the past. Now you can find too many to count. Back then many people didn’t have access to vehicles, they only owned one and they purchased subscriptions to those few magazines. Now these magazines are everywhere you go. You will get them at petrol stations, along with your meal for the night! Surely, most people know that there used to be three broadcast stations, ABC, NBC and CBS and there was no cable. You received your news once in the morning, possibly at noon and often in the evening for an hour at a time. News was news and little importance of famous celebrities was talked about unless of course something catastrophic occurred to them. Now we’ve got options galore in the ways of news 24hrs a day on a lot of channels. We are unable to keep up if we tried to reach all of them. Now we have entertainment shows that keep up with the famous celebrities’ life each and everyday and have reporters working 24hrs a day.

The reason we hear about it so much on our news shows is because that is what the folks want to hear and that’s why they do it. Not all people worship famous celebrities but many individuals are interested in them simply because many consider in some strange way they know them given that they’ve been so exposed to them via the press. In some cases they might have played a great personality that we enjoyed in a movie or a Television show. Many times they can be a wonderful musician and we’ve enjoyed their talent. I do believe that countless assume they live an incredble lifestyle with heaps of money and that they ought to be happy considering that they’re living a dream and can do whatever they want, unlike ourselves. I believe many get upset after they mess up and blow all of it by doing something stupid. This, not surprisingly, furthermore applies to a sport’s star. Many admire them because of their talents and the satisfaction they receive from watching them play.

The reason we are so obssessed is because it is there every day in every form of the press. Let’s not overlook the Word wide web! Nothing’s new; it’s just much bigger and in today’s world the mass media can reach thousands and thousands every minute of the day.

I really don’t think we hold famous celebrities in high esteem though. It really is more curiosity in somebody familiar.

If your close friend was having a baby, you would want to know about it. So if a celebrity has a baby you want to see the baby photographs. If something terrible happens to them you want to know. If they misbehave you want to scorn them similar to you do when friends mess up. They’re still your friend though.

Celebrities And Surrogacy

The word surrogate means to substitute. Surrogacy is a method of reproduction in which a woman agrees to become pregnant and deliver a child for a contracted party also called intended parents, such as a couple or single individual. In the most traditional form of surrogacy the surrogate mother is also the childs genetic mother; however in gestational surrogacy, the surrogate mother is simply the host of an implanted embryo and is therefore not related biologically to the child.

There are many reasons intended parents seek a surrogate in order to have children. Common reasons are infertility, underlying medical issues that may make pregnancy or delivery risk and age. Read more about contributing factors to pregnancy risks in magazines like Pregnancy, Fit Pregnancy, Parenting and American Baby.

Besides Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick many celebrity couples have chosen surrogacy in the last few years:

Actor Dennis Quaid (formerly Meg Ryans husband), 55, and wife Kimberly, 37, became proud parents of twins Thomas and Zoe, who were born in November 2007. Read more about Dennis Quaid in People magazine.

Joan Lunden (co-host of ABC’s Good Morning America morning news show from 1980 to1997; an Entertainment Weekly magazine national viewer poll named her “television’s favorite morning anchor”) and her husband, businessman Jeff Konigsberg, welcomed twins Kimberly Elise and Jack Andrew via a surrogate in 2005.

Actors Angela Bassett (best known for her portrayal of Tina Turner in the movie Whats Love Got to Do with It) and husband Courtney B. Vance, welcomed twins daughter Bronwyn Golden and son Slater Josiah in 2006 via surrogate after struggling for seven years to have children.

Actor Katey Sagal (best known for her role on the Fox sitcom Married with Children) and husband Kurt Sutter welcomed their first child together, daughter Esm Louise Sutter, in January 2007 via surrogate. The couple’s new daughter joined older siblings Sarah and Jackson, Sagal’s children from a previous marriage.

Also in Hollywood, there are many fictional surrogate situations in recent movie and TV shows. And just like in real life, Hollywoods fictional characters have a myriad of reasons (infertility to blackmail) for choosing surrogacy.

In the 2008 film Baby Mama (starring Tina Fey and Amy Poehler,) a successful single business woman (Fey) hires a woman to carry a child via surrogate because she discovers she has fertility issues. In 2007 the character Christina McKinney in TVs Ugly Betty acted as a surrogate for character Wilhelmina Slater. Also, in the fourth season of the popular sitcom Friends, which aired in 1997, the character Phoebe Buffay was a gestational surrogate mother for her brother and famously delivered triplets; the storyline was written around actor Lisa Kudrows real life pregnancy. Read more about movies and TV shows featuring surrogates in Entertainment Weekly magazine.