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Celebrities In Their Dressing Gowns

In recent times tabloids have been awash with paparazzi snaps of celebrities wearing their dressing gowns. At first I thought this was a great intrusion into the private lives of these poor celebrities, however, being in the dressing gown industry myself, I was compelled to read on and discover the what, where and why behind these latest dressing gown sightings…

Over the last 12 months there has been a plethora of celebrity dressing gown sightings. It seems that celebrities are taking their dressing gowns to the streets and they are wearing them with pride.

Madonna has been snapped more than most by the paparazzi at one airport or another whilst sporting a dressing gown. With the number of tours that Madonna has under her belt we think that more than any other, this superstar deserves some terry-toweling comfort, especially when she is catching all those long distant red-eye flights. I may consider revealing my inner diva and wearing my dressing gown on the next flight I travel on too.

Then there was Robbie Williams who was photographed leaving the Meurice Hotel in Paris last September wearing silk Pyjamas and a beautiful silk printed dressing gown. We love the fact that he took his own dressing gown to the fanciest hotel in Paris, and what a fine dressing gown it was too! Robbie, you are a man after our own heart, a dressing gown that good is not meant to stay exclusively in-doors!

Jessica Michibata, model and girlfriend of Grand Prixs Jenson Button stepped out looking good enough to eat in April of 2010 wearing a silk grey dress that remarkably resembled a dressing gown with a wrap around front, belt tie fasten and elegant draped sleeves. Jessica oozed effortlessly sexy in this look and she made us instantly want to rush out to the nearest and finest restaurant to order a glass of the best champagne whilst sporting our own satin dressing gowns.

Other celebrities captured hanging around various film sets, or dashing across high streets or stepping into cars this year all whilst wearing their dressing gowns include Cheryl Cole, Dannii Minogue, Twiggy, Frankie from the Saturdays, Dakota Fanning , Blake Lively of Gossip Girl to name but a few.

Our favourite dressing gown sighting of 2010 has to be Billy Piper who was snapped whilst on set in Secret Diary of a Call Girl. Billys dressing gown of choice was a stunning bright and bold printed kimono style dressing gown and she looking every bit the star that she is.

It is therefore official, dressing gowns are hot property, celebrities are wearing them so if you do not have a dressing gown yet, now is the time!

How to Promote Healthy Hair the Eco Friendly Way

Its a happy feeling to help educate people on the ways to take care of one very important asset, which is their hair. Though hair doesnt define who people really are, it does tell you much about their style and possibly parts of their personality. It is important to promote healthy hair using natural and safe solutions and a nicely thought out daily routine. You cant compare the amount of work and dedication like you possibly could when trying to, for example, shed 30 pounds of weight in order to prepare for a dancing event, but nonetheless, taking care of hair does require daily work and dedication. It pays off when you pay attention and make the effort.

Below contains some information laid out after interviewing a wonderful professional who has been involved in helping clients with their hair, and is an expert in her field. From gathering her knowledge, and through a few tips laid out in this article, you can learn to promote healthy hair the eco friendly and natural way.

Interview with Judy Slaughter: Judy Slaughter is a professional hairstylist and has over 40 years of experience in the hair industry. She owns her own beauty salon in the Sacramento, California area. She knows that standing out from the crowd of other salons means going the “Green” and natural route, which she said has paid off when helping out her clients. Following this model means a salon like Judys can be truthful to their clients about what they really need, and provide the best solutions to their needs, instead of just going the easy route to make a quick buck.

Transitioning to natural: From Judys experience and knowledge, women who decide to make the transition to natural are weary of doing so, and so she does what she calls a “Natural head of hairs” method for them to try for a weekend. If they like the natural style, theyll continuously wear and maintain it. If not, they are back at her salon to make changes. She stressed that when going natural, it isnt as easy to style your hair to match the hairstyle of celebrities like Beyonce or Lady Gaga. However, youll be able to rest assure that youre getting great, healthy results.

Judys hair care advice: One of Judys thoughts on why women are having hair problems are that they tend to overuse hot utensils, and over process hair with harmful chemical based products. It comes to no surprise of those habits being the case. Aside from advising to limit those habits, one suggestion she had is brushing your hair with a boar bristol brush or use a rubber/wooden comb, and stay away from nylon brushes, which tend to rip out hair.

Using a satin scarf prior to going to sleep is another one of Judys suggestions. Staying away from cotton, which absorbs moisture from hair, is also a determinating factor. Prior to sleeping, applying light wave oil into hair she felt is also important for women to follow, as hair needs vitamins and nutrients throughout the night while youre asleep. However, Judy also pointed out that more (applying more products into hair) is not the merrier, which she referred to as a way to cause clogs in the pores, dandruff, oily hair, and other problems. This means you should only use any product as recommended, which is normally a pea or dime size.

Bullying and Social Media

Adolescence is such a difficult time in life. Although, kids can be very resilient, it is evident that our experiences during these times can have life-long effects. Adolescents who are teased about looks, weight, the clothes they wear or anything else, can develop complexes that follow them through life. Have you ever met the girl that was over-weight when she was younger, is in great shape now, but still thinks she is “fat”? How about the guy that was the “geek” when he was younger? Now, despite the good looks and success to go with the smarts he always had, still lacks confidence.

Contemplating this makes me regret some of the mean things that I had said to my peers when I was younger (and less mature of course). I wish I could take it back. If I only would have known the impact of simple words on such a fragile mind, I wouldnt have said it. If only there was a way to let kids know that the saying, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”, is not fully true. It does hurt, and a lot of times we dont realize how much it hurts until later.

When I hear about kids being bullied through email, texts, and blogs, I get so worried for them. Not just the victims, but the offenders also. Embarrassing and regrettable incidents used to only have a few witnesses (when we were lucky). Now, in case someone missed it, its written in plain black and white. It can be forwarded, copied, posted and in more unfortunate events watched on video. All of this can be reviewed and replayed. Those of us that werent there can add “witty” comments, even absolute strangers, exacerbating the consequences.

I know we can replay events in our minds, but fortunately we dont remember everything. With these easily accessible and vividly re-livable memories, we can traumatize ourselves over and over again. Additional emails get sent, comments posted and now the events can even go “viral”. All of this raises the stakes.

Now more than ever it is important to know the power of words whether said or written. The consequences of our actions have been amplified. We are being held more accountable for things that we say and do. Perhaps, now more than ever, it applies that if one doesnt have anything nice to say nothing should be said at all.

Are You Wondering How Do Celebrities Manage To Lose Weight So Fast This Is What They Do

Celebrities are in the eye of public scrutiny at all times. With the constant media focus on them, they do not have an option but to look good and appear trim every time they step out of their homes.

One can safely say that celebrities are looked up to by all and have a huge fan following because of the way they look. People want to look the way these celebrities look, dress the way they dress and do what they do. Here are a few things that celebrities do to maintain the way they look

Regular work outs…Procrastination isn’t an option…

All celebrities are big workout fans and have personal trainers who look after their exercise routines. They are very regular with their exercise schedules and never skip them.

Also their fitness programs vary according to the roles that they play and hence need to keep varying and working on their exercise routines. To achieve a certain look that they want, exercise is a must and a personal trainer helps them stay on course.

Special diets…They watch what goes in…

Celebrities know that photographs can be airbrushed but when one has to make a public appearance, the real self will show. Hence they follow strict diets to maintain the weight that they have.

They also have excellent nutritionists who tailor make these diets for them and chefs who roll out healthy delicacies in line with the diet plan they are following. Apart from that, celebrities are programmed to resist temptation as the fear of putting on weight is far greater than the desire of eating a slice of pizza.

Diets are not an option for them that they take on when they want to lose weight…it is a way of life that programs them to eat smart and keep excess weight off

Motivation…The drive is what gets you there…

Celebrities are constantly motivated to lose weight and to keep the excess weight off. They know that if they do not look good the means of their livelihood is in jeopardy. Come on, even Oprah lost weight!

Celebrities know that weight is a very sensitive issue and packing on pounds, unless it is for a role in a movie, can cause them financial damage especially by losing endorsements. Also they know that the media will have a field day talking about their weight gain speculating all kinds of things if they put on an ounce.

No bad habits…

As strange as it may sound, the celebrities who have huge fan followings are the ones who are the healthiest. They are all aware of the ill effects of eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia and the serious damage that alcohol, smoking and recreational drugs do to their bodies. Abstaining form these things helps them stay in shape!

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Celebrity Skin Care Product Lines

One thing that almost all celebrities are good at is looking amazing, especially since they have their own team of make up artists and stylists to produce their famous look. Because they are well known for their amazing fashion sense and ability to look amazing in makeup, many decide to launch their own celebrity skin care product line. Actresses, singers, and even famous fashion designers are flooding the make up market with their own personal lines, making it possible for everyday people to look as amazing as a celebrity.

Celebrity skin care product lines contain all types of amazing skin care products, with everything from make up to fragrances and even skin care products. They are sold at a number of popular department stores all over the world, and are designed directly by the celebrity who promotes them. Purchasing celebrity skin care products is a great way to look and feel like a celebrity, without having to pay the price of hiring a stylist or make up artist, or even purchasing the expensive brands of makeup that many celebrities use.

Celebrities that make their own like of skin care products use their own personal preferences when making their product. They take ideas they like from products they normally use, and then transfer those ideas in the products they decide to market. Although most celebrity skin care product lines are much less expensive than the products the celebrities normally use, they contain many of the same benefits and can produce the same look. When a celebrity created their own skin care product line, they can use their imagination when it comes to the products they develop. They usually use their favorite colors and fragrances, which can make almost anyone feel special when being able to wear what their favorite celebrity loves to wear.

There are many famous celebrities who have launched their own line of skin care products, including Jessica Simpson, Cindy Crawford, and even the Olsen twins. They all created amazing lines with fantastic cosmetics and makeup products, making it easy and affordable to wear makeup like a celebrity without needing a six figure income. Many other celebrities have also involved themselves in the celebrity skin care product market by creating their own perfumes and colognes, including Usher and Celine Dion, as well as many other famous actors and singers. They create their fragrances using their favorite aromas and smells, making it possible for almost anyone to smell and practically feel like their own favorite celebrity.

Celebrity skin care product lines make it possible for almost anyone to look and feel like their favorite celebrity, without having to hire a makeup artist or purchase expensive brands of makeup. By purchasing makeup and cosmetic items that have been created by their favorite celebrity, girls can connect with them on an entirely different level. With huge lines of makeup and skin care products to choose from, celebrity skin care product lines are some of the best products available at very decent prices. It is possible to look like your favorite celebrity, and all it takes is for them to launch a celebrity skin care product line with all your favorite items.

Celebrities Love One Lady’s Horse Photos

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him pose. Unless, of course, you are this lady equestrian photographer of Pasadena, California, whose horse portraits are trotted out for show in such homes as those of famous celebrities. Pasadena City College (PCC) gave her first camera, and now her motor home office follows trackside events all over the state, and she even covered the Montreal Olympics where she shot photos of British Princess Anne.

Right after graduation at Pasadena High School, she took photography classes at PCC, for which it was easiest for her to practice on horses. Since 10 years of age, she had been living close to Eaton Canyon Riding Stables. The stables were her practice grounds on weekends, where she used her borrowed camera for assignments. Once she sold her first horse photo, she gave up music, art, and journalism.

At a horse show in Santa Barbara she was hired as assistant to two famous equestrian photographers with whom she travelled all over the country for two years, bringing horses in focus at shows, tracks and state fairs. Then she was taken on by another famous pair, who kept to California events. Nowadays, she works with her Swedish camera with German lens and lets her mother take care of business.

Six-foot jumps and winning a race by the nose are her trademark shots. However, she also has a knack for getting horses on all fours to pose. Some horses are born to be models. Once these horses feel a camera on them, they turn and perk their ears or raise their heads. Others are downright bored and blas?.

Good photos don’t just grow on trees. One type of horses, the hunters and jumpers, are best shot mid-air with legs bent at the right angle. When it comes to Tennessee walkers, they are best shot with their front hoofs in action and an over reaching hoof with their hind legs. Whereas the best pictures of stock horses are them stopping in a slide, the best pictures of saddle horses are those with their heads and legs held high. She has received generous praise for photos of the Peruvian Paso, a South American endangered species that animal groups are trying to increase in population. Their best angle is with their forelegs rolled toward the outside. With the aid of their riders in traditional white ponchos with elaborate bridles and saddles, they have become a photographer’s dream.

Photography has enabled her to see many celebrity horse lovers. She has even made it to royal circles. At the Montreal Olympics, she stood next to the Queen while snapping photos of Princess Anne. She started a conversation, and the Queen revealed that she felt nervous every time her daughter would take a high jump. She began to photograph fork lifts for a little variation, even though she fills her spare time with swimming, back packing, bicycling, panning for gold and sometimes even horse riding.

She didn’t have to worry about the fork lift perking its ears.

Celebrities Learn First-Hand Of Garage Door Dangers

What do tennis great Martina Navratilova, Canadian rock guitarist Peter McKenna and former New York Mets pitcher Satoru Komiyama have in common? They’ve all felt the bite of their garage door.

Getting hurt using the garage door is more common than once thought. The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission estimates thousands of injuries a year related to garage door use. The injuries range from severed fingers and joints to severe bruises and cuts.

Navratilova, for example, broke a finger on her right hand in a garage door on Christmas Eve of 1989 at her Aspen, Colorado home. A Los Angeles Times account of the accident said the tennis star felt lucky because she is left-handed and the injury did not endanger her career on the court. -I’m going 40 or 50 miles per hour down the mountain in Aspen (skiing) and I break my finger on a garage door,- she said.

Other celebrities weren’t as lucky.

McKenna, lead guitarist for the rock group Slidewinder, caught his finger in a garage door at his Toronto home in March of 1997. Doctors were able to reattach his fingertip, but it took months of reconstructive surgery and occupational therapy, and a change in the way he played before he was able to strum a guitar again.

-It’s still a little wonky. But it’s just a matter of time,- McKenna told a Toronto news organization.

The situation was similar for Komiyama, who caught his right middle finger in his garage door. A newspaper report of the accident claimed that the Japanese player said he had trouble with his -garage door system.-

The incident occurred on April 15, 2002 and resulted in a lacerated right middle finger for Komiyama, who was on the major league roster at the time. After treatment for the injury, he attempted to warm up in the bullpen the next day, only to have the cut on his hand open up. The right-handed pitcher was then sent to the minor leagues to try and rehabilitate his injured finger and career. He spent almost three months in the minors before being recalled to the major league roster. His major league career ended shortly thereafter.

Emergency Room Visits There are thousands of emergency room visits a year dealing with garage door accidents—more than snow blower and lawn mower incidents combined, according to the CPSC. A recent estimate for the CPSC says there were 20,017 accidents related directly to garage door and opener use in 2008. Some of the accidents result in finger amputations, fractures or avulsions.

The garage door is usually the largest moving object in a home. The technology utilized by many manufacturers is the same utilized before the advent of the garage door opener. There are a number of entrapment points, including gaps between section joints where a finger can easily be lacerated or severed when put in the opening. Homeowners use electronic devices to operate their garage door. When these devices fail, the homeowner must open and close their door manually. This is when many serious injuries may occur.

One manufacturer insists that tighter industry standards are needed to protect the public. Martin Door Manufacturing of Salt Lake City, Utah initiated new standards in the manufacture of its doors in 1996—-resulting in new safeguards on both the front and the back of a garage door. Not a single injury has been reported involving the newly designed garage door since 1996, according to Dave Martin, chief executive officer for the manufacturer.

Martin has eliminated most all entrapment points for a child, or adult’s, hands including holes in the track, the area behind the track, roller shields and rolled track edges and more.


Celebrity Diet Secrets – Fact Or Fiction

Are the stars really keeping the best weight loss program a secret from the rest of us?

Last year, one of the most popular search terms on both Google and Yahoo was Paris Hilton. A quick review of the top 500 searches for last year reveals inquiries on other celebrities too, such as Jenny McCarthy, Tara Reid, Shakira and Tyra Banks. Why are we, as a country, so fascinated with celebrities?

One of the reasons were interested in the stars is because, simply stated, they seem to have some magical ability to lose weight with zero effort. There are thousands, even millions, of people trying to find out how celebrities achieve fast weight loss when its so difficult for the rest of us. Celebrities look so good, so often, that many of us are left wondering if the stars are really keeping the best weight loss program a secret from the rest of the world.

We can almost picture celebrities like Hilary Duff, Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez meeting in a clandestine bunker somewhere, ready to share with each other the top-secret diet plan or diet product nobody else knows about. Only top-notch celebrities can apply for membership in this private club, and getting in is harder than finding games cheat codes for the new XBox 360.

Celebrities Have Some Advantages:

While we doubt that the stars have a secret society where they learn about the best diet program and weight loss plan available, it is true that celebrities do have some advantages that we dont when it comes to diet and weight control. For example, the stars typically have more time than we do. Life & Style Weekly recently reported (January 9, 2006) that Jessica Simpson exercised two hours each day, six days per week to prepare for her Daisy Duke role. Few of us have that kind of time.

Celebrities also have more money than we do, which means they can afford every weight loss product and weight loss program on the market. Carmen Electra, Jenna Jameson, Pamela Anderson and other celebrities have the disposable income to hire personal trainers and personal chefs, giving them a distinct advantage over other weight watchers like us.

Other than the advantages of having more time and money to help them achieve quick weight loss, do celebrities have any classified fat loss tricks? They must! Take a look at Christina Aguilera, Halle Berry, or Madonna for example. If they dont have some secret diet pill or weight loss pill theyre using, then how do they achieve those results?

The Secret Celebrities Use To Lose Weight Fast:

The easy weight loss secret that the celebrities are keeping from us is that (drum roll, please) there is no secret! Sure, the stars may have more money and time than we do, but their weight loss information is the exact same stuff we have. With very few exceptions, the celebrities that look the best got that way with a healthy diet and regular weight loss exercise. Its true that some stars have tried a fat burner, a weight loss drug, a diet patch or even weight loss surgery but for the most part, celebrities work hard at natural weight loss through exercise, diet and nutrition.

Jennifer Aniston is a great example of how celebrities maintain a healthy weight with exercise. She shed several pounds and toned up doing Budokon (a combo of martial arts, yoga and meditation) and yoga three times a week (Source: Life & Style Weekly; January 9, 2006).

Lindsay Lohan .regained her toned curves by enlisting personal trainer Justin Gelband to lead thrice-weekly workouts involving free weights, cardio, Pilates and sit-ups (Source: Life & Style Weekly; January 9, 2006).

Another great example of a celebrity using diet and exercise to achieve her good looks is Jessica Alba, who eats several small, healthy meals a day. She also hits the gym five days each week, doing (among other things) circuit training.

Many other celebrities have passed on the fad diets, the diet drugs, the prescription diet pills, the weight loss patch and all the other gimmicks to achieve rapid weight loss, choosing instead to follow a sensible weight management plan that emphasizes a low calorie diet and regular exercise.

Rebecca Romijn is known to exercise in a health club every single day with her fiance Jerry OConnell. Ben Affleck completes a workout at least six times each week. Matthew Perry and George Clooney have also trimmed down recently (15 pounds for Matthew, 30 pounds for George) by focusing on exercise to lose weight.

Another weight loss success story can by found by looking at new celebrity moms and their tactics to lose belly fat. Heidi Klum recently said I was back to my [pre-pregnancy] weight in six weeks with a combination of two things: 90-minute workouts four days a week and high-protein meal-replacement shakes. (Source: Life & Style Weekly; January 9, 2006).

Denise Richards found the post-natal weight loss help she needed by exercising an hour each day and restricting calories to 1,500 per day. After the birth of her child, Britney Spears followed a healthy weight loss diet by replacing her usual fried fare with healthier lower-cal leafy greens (Source: Life & Style Weekly; January 9, 2006).

How Can We Copy The Celebrity Weight Loss System?

The last time we checked, Pam Anderson hadnt yet put her secret weight control plan on ebay for sale to the highest bidder. The nice part is, she doesnt have to! We already know the healthy weight loss celebrity secret: to best way to reach our ideal weight is with regular exercise, diet and nutrition.

Well probably never have the amount of time and money enjoyed by many of the stars, and because of that our journey towards total health and fitness may take longer. But thats okay. Its okay because now we know that there really is no secret weight loss information that, if only we could get our hands on it, would make us successful. We already know about the best weight loss program for us, and that program is diet and exercise.

Increasing Tissot Watches Sale In Different Parts Of Asia

Asia is this decade’s most favorite hub for investors and producers of different types of goods. Asia is actually presently the hub of commercial activity and industrial activity of the entire world. Asia has the highest tissot watches sale in the whole world due to the increased commercial activity in Asia. Tissot enterprise has a fully functioning retail outlet in India which serves the entire Asian market.

India is one of the countries in the world with high watch sales. Leading Swiss watch companies have branches in India to deal with the ever increasing demand of chronographs in India and other Asian countries. The reason for the increasing demand of luxurious accessories in some parts of Asia is the increasing GDP of the various countries in Asia. GDP of these countries has increased due to increase in exports caused by increase in industrial production.

With the increase in GDP, the disposable incomes of consumers increase. When the disposable income increases, people have at their disposal more money to spend on basic wants and luxuries. The GDP of Asian countries is presently expanding at a faster rate than that of Western countries. This explains the reason why every watch company in Switzerland is rushing to set tent in India and other Asian countries.

Bollywood celebrities just as Hollywood celebrities always like to adorn classy timepieces on their hands such as tissot time pieces. These time pieces enjoy immense popularity among celebrities in Asia just as it enjoys immense popularity among celebrities in the US. Bollywood with its ever increasing number of films each and every month is churning out more celebrities each year.

Time pieces packed with supreme classiness are the preserve of those with means in Asia. Individuals with top incomes who actually purchase highly classy time pieces are music celebrities, film celebrities and also sports celebrities. Asian sports celebrities can be spotted in different sporting events with highly alluring watch pieces tied to their hands.

The emerging class of business leaders in Hong Kong, Mumbai and India has led to skyrocketing sales of luxury items. Business executives earn good salaries which entitle them to the privilege of living highly luxurious lifestyles. Asia has the largest number of business professionals in the whole world.

The bulk of individuals in Asia are middle income earners and low income earners. Watch producers see middle level earners as the class of society with the highest profit potential. Individuals who earn average incomes normally like to indulge in the luxuries of the rich but they usually don’t have the money. Intelligent manufacturers produce replica time pieces at far reduced costs and sell them to average income earners at much reduced rates. Replica time pieces normally bear very stark similarity to original watch pieces only that they are very affordable.

Tissot watches sale is increasing in India and other parts of Asia. Individuals in India behind this increase are sports celebrities, Bollywood celebrities and business professionals among other professionals. High income individuals tend to prefer original Swiss time pieces while middle income individuals prefer Swiss replica time pieces.