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Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Is Helping Women To Lose Weight

women in the UK are fighting back against the flab by using a powerful weight loss technique called Gastric Band Hypnotherapy which is a powerful hypnotic technique that makes you believe you have a gastric band inside of you.

For too many years now women have been on yo yo weight loss diets without any real success and now with celebrities leading the way using gastric band hypnotherapy to lose weight, men and women who are worried about their weight and struggled to lose weight have followed them.

UK Leading Gastric Band Hypnotherapy expert Claire Hegarty who has helped a number of celebrities to lose weight using her gastric band hypnotherapy technique explained that the powerful hypnotic technique allows you to lose weight without worrying about starving yourself.

Claire Hegarty who has launched a free weight loss campaign where she is offering advice on losing weight over the phone by calling 0151 678 3358 or 07714 853524 said that by using gastric band hypnosis it will allow people who have no will power to lose weight and become slim.

UK Leading Gastric Band Hypnotherapy expert Claire Hegarty who is also a health radio show presenter explained” Gastric Band Hypnotherapy allows someone who struggles with their weight to become slim by having their mind retrained.”

Claire Hegarty who offers a full weight loss guarantee has helped men and women all over the UK to lose weight including a 22 stone man who managed to lose 8 stone through the powerful hypnotic technique and who is still losing weight, said: “Gastric Band Hypnosis really does work”

The leading UK Gastric Band Hypnotherapy and weight loss hypnosis expert as seen on television said that after the new report that exposed diets as not working for most people, men and women in the UK have now become more aware of how gastric band hypnosis works and how it helps them to lose weight.

Claire Hegarty who invented the popular Trance Band Hypno Band which is a guaranteed way to lose weight explained that it does not matter what weight you are or if you have little or no confidence, you can beat obesity and can become slimmer and healthier by using the hypnotic technique. The first step is about learning about gastric band hypnotherapy and then seeking a professional who is qualified and experienced in helping you to lose weight using the hypnotic technique

“I have worked with people who were 22 stone and have seen them drop to 12 stone without worrying about will power.” Claire Hegarty said

The way gastric band hypnosis works is by looking at the issues you have with food and then looking at retraining your mind to rid you of any bad habits you may have. After this is done then your mind is then retrained and you are then led to believe that you have a gastric band fitted inside you. By believing that you have a gastric band inside you it will allow you to become full more quickly and hence allow you to eat less and lose weight just like a real gastric band.

Claire Hegarty has launched a weight loss campaign where she is giving advice on obesity and how to lose weight. If you would like free advice call 0151 678 3358 or 07714 853524 or visit

Quinceanera dresses in indeed the undisputed queen of dresses.

When you see the celebrities you are awed by their amazing ensemble and keep wondering whether you can ever dress like them. Your wish can be satisfied by quinceanera dresses, these dresses can transform the most ordinary looking girl into an exquisite beauty. You will look no lesser than a celebrity yourself. The fashion designers who are involved in crafting these wonderful garments are a very dedicated team; their aim in life is to weave magic into the clothes they are making so that each and every ensemble would leave you speechless. They are always on the look out for innovative designs and they always keep the latest trends and styles in their mind while designing quinceanera dresses, hence the end result is absolutely unique and it is liked by the women of all age groups. >

Nowadays a lot of importance is attached to the appearance of the person, in fact people are judged by their looks and their attire, so it has become imperative to be dressed in the latest fashion under wise you would be ignored and people would not like to associate with you. People love to emulate the dresses worn by the celebrities and if you are attired in quinceanera dresses then you would more like a model walking the ramp.

You have a party to attend and you are frantically looking for something exclusive to wear, then there is absolutely nothing to fear, go ahead and get for yourself a quinceanera dress. You will never regret your decision; in fact you would be more than happy wearing that wonderful attire with its flowing gown. The fabric used is so very soft and it cascades very gracefully down your body making you feel very feminine. The fabric gathers so very beautifully at the waist that it makes it appear so very slim and petite. The embellishments have been done so very artistically that it makes the ensemble so very irresistible. The embroidery on these costumes has been done so very intricately that you are captivated by its beauty.

The fashion designers who are creating these wonderful and amazing garments have a lot of versatility and they strike the right balance between sophistication and elegance. The woman or girl who is adorning these quinceanera dresses is definitely going to be the center of attraction. Quinceaneras dresses are value for money.

Celebrity Showdown Democrats Vs. Republicans

Celebrities play an important role even outside their respective fields. Actors, actresses, athletes, musiciansyou name itpeople pay attention to them, listen to them, and are more often than not heavily influenced by them. When celebrities tell us to buy a new car, a house, eat pizza, smoke cigars, and buy DVDs we usually do, right? Hence, theres no excuse when it comes to voting the next President.

So lets put aside all this whimsical talk when it comes to politics. In any case, its not as if youre going to find any stable information on it other than long-winded speeches which eats away at your attention span in less than five seconds flatbelieve me, Ive scoured the internet to no avail. In the lighter side of things, it seems that celebrities are getting into the action as Election Day approaches. But in this part of the race, I think we should take a look at whos got the upper hand.

Democrats are now attributed to change. Its a rather just proposition which also accurately reflects its chosen candidate, Barack Obama. Hes young, Idealistic, and hes blackthough technically half-white. Lastly, most women also think hes good looking, which is a big plus when it comes to credibility. And among his entourage of celebrities we have names such as: Leonardo DiCaprio, Stevie Wonder, Steven Spielberg, Christina Applegate, Pierce Brosnan, Spike Lee, Quentin Tarantino, and Isaiah Washington.

As for the tried and tested Republicans, we get a really tried and tested looking kind of guy. Senator John McCain is old. In fact, hes considered as the oldest presidential candidate in the world. Okay, maybe not the world, but at least in U.S. history. Hes also bleach white, which is so hard not to notice. I would hate to play hide and seek with him outside the White House. Even his celebrity backing is, unsurprisingly, dominated by Caucasians. He has names such as: Lance Armstrong, Stephen Baldwin, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Jean Claude Van Damme, Troy Aikman, Tony Danza, Dennis Hopper, Chuck Norris, and a slew of Christian Rockers whose names and bands I am thankfully ignorant of.

Its pretty much clear that the Democrats can claim no contest when it comes to celebrity backing. More relatively younger and successful celebrities of today seem to have found their niche in Senator Obama, as opposed to old, questionably American, kumbaya shredding, Texas rangers and cowboys who have seen better days.

All About Harry Winston Engagement Rings

Engagement is usually a crucial moment for those who planning to tie the knot. That being the case, anyone would like to make a mark during this moment. Buying ring(s) adorned by every Tom, Dick, and Harry may not mean much especially to the bride to be. In order to make a point, we suggest a classic engagement ring, Harry Winstons. Harry Winstons engagement rings are not only elegant, but also classy. As a matter of fact, the engagement rings are a few of the most illustrious rings that anyone would find in any jewelry store.

Standing out of the crowd is the dream of every couple preparing to get married. A simple step that will allow any couple to achieve this objective is adorning unique jewelry. Harry Winstons engagement rings will allow a prospective couple to supersede their expectation on this matter. The jewels are a few of the well known engagement rings available in almost every popular jewel shop. These rings are not only popular among the common folks; famous celebrities choose the Winstons above any other types of jewels. For instance, celebrity Ben Aflleck, bought a six carat diamond Winston engagement ring for Jennifer Lopez. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, however, are not the only celebs known to wear the classy jewels. Richard Button, another popular celebrity, is known to have bought a 65 carat diamond ring for Elizabeth Taylor.

There are several other reasons why anyone should opt for Winston engagement rings, and leave out all other types. First, Harry Winston rings are made with quality and exquisiteness in mind, as opposed to others that only care about quantity. Secondly, the rings and all other jewels associated with Harry Winston are completely unique. After all, no one would like to have an engagement worn by everyone else. A third quality that makes the Winstons jewels a deal too good to refuse has to do with style and variety. Most jewelry manufacturers specialize in only one or a few styles of jewels, and in this case the rings, meaning that customers have limited choices to choose from. Winstons understands that customers have varied tastes and preferences. In its dealings, it takes this factor very serious. If you happen to enter any jewels shop and ask for Winstons engagement rings, rest assured that they will come in a huge variety, styles and choices. Customers are always spoilt for a choice.

If you are person who admires celebrities, Winstons engagement rings should be your first choice. Although Jennifer Lopez and Elizabeth Taylor are the only celebrities mentioned here, the truth is that there is an A to Z list of celebrities who go for Winstons as their only choice.

If by now you are convinced that Harry Winston engagement rings will be part and parcel of your upcoming engagement plan, we will offer you more information about the rings. The rings come in both elite and classic designs. What are also available are the diamond bands which are classified as eternity and engagement rings, wedding bands, and anniversary bands. The Harry Winstons jewel collection, no doubt, will match and surpass your tastes and preferences.

Instant Z-list Celebrities In Need Of Pr Company

The recent news of a thirteen year old boy becoming a father has been questioned as two other teenagers have announced that they too could be the father! Whichever of the three teenage boys is the father, the public outcries will remain the same.

The publicity this story has generated has brought very mixed feelings from the British public, government, social welfare and healthcare officials. Criticisms regarding the lack of appropriate sex education being taught in schools has also come under attack from the public.

The young thirteen year old boy, who was originally believed to be the baby’s father, has openly admitted that although his intention is to stand by the mother, he has no idea of how he will financially support her or the baby now or in the future.

From a public relations view these young people should be filtering their publicity via a PR company who will look after their best interests and help them turn their dilemma into a positive outcome. Who would pay a public relations company to represent them will also raise issues among the public and government officials.

PR companies may also be wary and with good reason. The public relations company who were representing, free of charge, the mother of octuplets, Nadya Suleman has ceased their representation after receiving death threats and unpleasant voice mails from people outraged by the whole octuplet saga.
The PR company have said that after they have helped Suleman through the initial public uproars, the public’s attention and anger had now been directed towards them for representing Suleman.

As with the thirteen year old father case in the UK, it seems that the public’s main anger is regarding who will pay for the upbringing and care of the baby. The young boy is still at school for at least another three years, after which time whether he leaves to find employment or enters HE is already in question. With the country’s current economic downturn the chances of finding employment are looking pretty slim.

In the States the public’s uproar has been over why this 33 year old mother, who now has fourteen children, is receiving public assistance to care for her children. The same concerns over the use of long term public assistance is the predominant outcry in the UK.

Suleman has set up a website on which she is asking for donations to help care for her children, and no doubt she receives money for the newspaper stories and interviews of TV and radio.

The public hue and cry is also partly due to the massive worldwide coverage of the news stories, with many people believing that these were only being used as a way to generate money.

It is these public relations aspects and campaigns which should be sourced via reputable PR company and while they may not offer their representation free of charge, the management of the public relations programme will at least be kept in check, preventing exploitation of the young boy, the baby and indeed the mother.

Lolas Lashes You’ve likely observed models and feminine famous people with prolonged eyelashes.

Lolas Lashes /p>

You have almost certainly witnessed products and female celebrities with very long eyelashes. You’ve also noticed how beautiful and great these designs and superstars glimpse. Often you ponder whether it truly is possible for a normal particular person to glance that lovely. The good news right now is not only a normal man or woman can glance that lovely, however , you also can seem more than that. This can be by also ensuring that the eyelashes are prolonged plenty of.

It’s possible it truly is correct that the eyelashes are not that very long. In truth, your eyelashes can be quite modest, but this shouldn’t worry you. The fact that genetics did not favor you doesn’t necessarily mean that you choose to don’t have got a ideal for being gorgeous and also the interest triggering woman. It’s because you’ve got Lolas Lashes. These are generally lashes that happen to be added to your eyelashes to create them more time. Which means that you won’t have small lashes any more. As being a make a difference of point, you will glance beautiful, excellent and great in that occasion or any where.

Lolas lashes have been a darling for most persons for someday now. The truth is, celebrities such as Kim Kardashian adore Lolas Lashes. This is simply not only for the sake of it. This is because the jewellery found below is beautiful and exquisite. In addition, service shipping and delivery below is good and satisfactory. Because of this you do not really have to fear about receiving frustrations every time you stop by this place.

Another advantage of Lolas Lashes would be the normal look they offer you once you include them to the eyelashes. There is absolutely nothing as lousy as having a thing that will look fake or extra. When you have eyelashes that routinely shout they aren’t yours, persons will attract interest for lousy motives. These eyelashes even though are amazing and purely natural. When you incorporate them, it can take a miracle for individuals to note that.

Whenever you acquire Lolas Lashes, you will not only get to enjoy this product or service but also handy details about the same. This is because the pioneer of this merchandise teaches you regarding how to receive the most effective away from your eyelashes. Moreover, you’ll get to grasp how you can include your eyelashes, tips on how to maintain them and how to include jewelry to improve your natural beauty.

If therefore you should love to boost your splendor, Lolas Lashes really should be your very best cease. Don’t forget that natural beauty is increased, and by acquiring this merchandise, you’re simply improving your magnificence. What is extra, additionally, you will get facts associated towards your basic attractiveness tactics. What then are you presently awaiting? Your splendor lies inside of your hands. If nowadays you purchase this item, your attractiveness is going to be be specified a major increase.

One more advantage of Lolas Lashes would be the organic search they provide you once you add them towards your eyelashes.

Try them yourself at eyelash extensions

Celebrities With Short Hair

Drop Dead Gorgeous Celebrities with Short Hair

Girls love to look at their favorite fashion model or movie celebrity with different hairstyles – after all, they set the trends, don’t they?

Hopefully you’ll get some inspiration from this list of hot top people in the spotlight who love to wear their hair on the shorter side.

Should They Change?

Imagine your favorite star with a different hairdo. This fun piece is all about the styles and celebrities with short hair. Imagine and fantasize.

How do you feel about today’s cuts and trends?

Maybe you are ready to pull out the scissors and start cutting your long hair. Maybe not! Do you unabashedly put your stock in the power of a flowing and luxuriant style in transforming anyone into goddess-like beauty?

Certainly, that is the kind of beauty treatment we’ve all been brought up on – models tossing their heads around on shampoo commercials, from lines in any romantic poetry that linger in your mind, and of course from George saying to Seinfeld, “I like thick lustrous hair; if I put my hand into her hair will I be able to take my hand out?”.

The Celebrity Pull

All this can make the rest of us, who have hair that deteriorates into split ends past shoulder length, feel like second best. But if this is what you allow yourself to think, you certainly have some sense of humor. Just run your eyes around the room, for some of the most stunning examples of celebrities who can pull it off and even get women with long dos mimicking them.

How about Cindy and Claudia – These High Fashion Models Can Wear Any Style, But…
At the time when high fashion super models Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Kandel and Christie Turlington had the world twisted around their little fingers, Linda Evangelista stood out as that rare fashion icon who could go it on her own. People fairly sat back in alarm, and then in awe, when Linda took to the catwalk tossing her micro short hairdo, proud and free of inhibitions.

The TV Generation

Of all the four women on Sex and the City, Cynthia Nixon’s Miranda was the only one whose hair was short leaving the nape of her neck sunning nicely, and it certainly gave her character that special edge. Even with Samantha’s aggressive forwardness, Miranda was the one who seemed the most comfortable with being forward without trying hard.

Black High Heels Shine

It would be impossible to write this article without paying homage to Carrie-Anne Moss, the deadly cool actress who played Trinity in the Matrix trilogy. Her black leather sleeves look, her high cheek boned deadpan, and her short, ready for action locks, make her as no-nonsense as it made her feminine look.

Spicy Short for the Stars

Posh Spice or Victoria Beckham as she’s known these days has made quite a career of her looks and hairstyles. Ever since she hooked up with David Beckham, her Spice Girls era shoulder length went to a pixie-like puffed up shortcut that goes really well with her catwalk ready fashion clothing choices.

Oh, Demi!

But of all the celebrities with short hair that we’d come to love over the years, perhaps we should hand out to Demi Moore, for her devil-may-care, cute-as-a-button cropped hair in the 1991 hit Ghost. It was the look that gave her the superstar status once and for all.

Now, what if it could do the same for you? Check the variety and name your style. Get sassy!

It’s always a pleasure to write about those in the news and I hope you enjoyed this insight about celebrities with short hair as much as I loved writing it. Now, look in the mirror and imagine yourself with a shorter hairdo!

Lola Rose Jewellery And Celebrities

Everybody wants to copy that celebrity look, whether it is for the latest style and trends, or just to emulate the celebrity themselves. This copying of trends and style is also seen when it comes to accessorizing with jewellery and handbags. Celebrities wear jewellery to make themselves stand out, this can also be applicable to most wearers of jewellery, whether it is a necklace, a pair of earrings, or a bracelet.

There are many different inspirations jewellery apply when creating their jewellery lines for sale. Many jewellery designers, particularly those who design and create jewellery are inspired by nature. For example, flowers, leaves, butterflies, animals, trees, fruit, and birds fall under the nature category. The use of nature as an inspiration for jewellery is very, especially in costume jewellery brands such as Kenneth Jay Lane and Lola Rose. Celebrities who like to wear creations by Kenneth Jay Lane (a costume jewellery designer whos jewellery is highly influenced and inspired by nature in his designs) include; Hillary Duff, Mischa Barton, and Paris Hilton. Fans of Lola Rose Jewellery include Sarah Jessica Parker and Angelina Jolie.

There have been many trends in fashion including snakeskin, in the world of jewellery and accessories it appears that snake jewellery is also a big trend. The likes of the young Hollywood elite such as Kimberly Stewart and Mary Kate Olsen are obviously loving the new accessories as they have recently been papped with snake jewels wrapped round arms and necks! This is obviously a trend not to everyones taste but it is extremely eye-catching. If you can pull off the snake jewellery look it can make you look extremely stylish and individual. Snake inspired jewellery is an obvious popular trend among the UK high street at the moment as it seems to be everywhere; in the form of snake rings, snake bracelets, and snake necklaces.

There are many celebrities who continually seem to be setting new trends season to season. Nicole Richie a known lover of the costume jewellery designs of CC Skye was said to have taken off her broken shoulder strap off her Chanel bag and wrapped it round her wrist several times. This stylish socialite set the trend for the leather chain bracelet which was then emulated on the UK high street several seasons after she was pictured with her own creation.

Another trend that seems to be loved by the American celebrities of Hollywood and L.A. is the cute and kitsch trend in jewellery. Mischa Barton wore a now famous wishbone necklace in the series, the OC. Disney Couture is a high end jewellery brand for those who still love Disney. Disney Couture have produced a range of jewellery including; necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets inspired by Disney characters and themes, exclusively for big kids. This high end jewellery and accessories brand are a firm celebrity favourite, being sported by Lindsay Lohan, Kate Bosworth and Nicole Richie, as well as being featured in the magazines Vogue and Harpers Bazaar.

Stylish Male Celebrities And Their Hairstyles

The days when mostly women showed any concern to the way their hair looked are long gown now. Nowadays, a respectfully man will always be concerned about his appearance, and therefore his hair. Just look at Bill Kaulitz, the Tokyo Hotel vocalist. His highly original, daring hairstyle has rapidly become a huge trend among his teen fans. It even represents a trademark and the first thing you notice about his appearance. Of course, his hair is well taken care of a specialist that makes sure each hairline is in place when Bill is in the public eye. Nevertheless, we couldn’t have left him out of out list of main male celebrity hairstyle trend setters and not congratulate him for his original tastes. His cool hairstyle suits his personality like a glove!. Like Slash from Gun’n’Roses made an unique impression with his hairstyle, the same way young celebrities nowadays try to make their own trademark. There are the long hairs guys that want to make an impression by being hard-rockers, or simply the grungy type. This is usually the case of men wanting to make a statement about their personalities and will also adopt a casual, trendy clothing style.

Some other celebrities are trend-setters for shorter hairstyles but softer-looking. The so-called normal short haircut is long overdue. In best cases, it is mildly improved by longer trickles on their forehead, giving them a rebellious, cool-guy look. Zac Efron is the typical guy wanting to look like a normal guy with a normal haircut. Still, Zac is everything, but commo,n and he sure stands out of the crowd of Hollywood hotties with his longer version of normal haircut, which adds a great deal of sex appeal and fabulousness to his gorgeous looks, and makes us select him for our best male hairstyles top.

There is also a certain particular category: the bold man. The bad boy typology is the type of man that, no matter what, will will always be placed among the top-shelf positions in most women’s preferences in men. Usually, a bold haircut is something a strong, roughed guy would choose. It takes a really interesting face to have the courage to go bold when you have all your hair in place. But for guys like Colin Farrell or David Beckam , a bad boy look can better be achieved with a shaved head.

Other interesting manly-hairdos over the history include the Depeche- Mode style ones, the Vanilla Ice classic hairstyle and even the Mettalica long rock-star bangs. Nowadays, the trendsetters for manly hairstyles are the teen idols Zac Efron, Robert Pattinson and Nick Johnas.

For men, having a successful hairstyle may mean something different then to a women, but the work it implies is often just as much. Men use moose, hair gel and hair spray, they all use hair wax and they even dye their hair to change the color. For Hollywood hotties, sporting a super stylish, original hairstyle in front of the cameras, on the red carpet or in the streets, for all ethos paparazzis haunting them is more than vital if they want to preserve their popularity and protect or improve their image.. Men can also have bad hair day, just like women, but they’re slightly more lucky for the damage is less noticeable and, let’s admit it, a guy could far more easily escape bad critics from all those paparazzi if he shows up flaunting a disheveled, messy hair than a woman. Still the importance of a good hair day, in Hollywood at least, is very big, and celebrity men go out of their way to have the best possible hairstyle they can have for the night.

Is our obsession with celebrity videos and culture going too far

Some people in society look up to celebrities so much that it could give them neck strain. From Hollywood actors, musicians and sports stars, people idolize them, following their every move and treating them as divine beings.

Of course there is big business to be made from the rich and famous. Websites and magazines such as, and Perez Hilton have all captured our attention with their celebrity videos and gossip columns.

It is becoming common place for stories about celebrities to take the headlines over other world events. We often think that our celebrity culture has been a modern phenomenon, but as far back as ancient Rome and Greece, people idolised members of the royal family and other members of nobility.

It is quite normal for people to compare themselves to others, but has this celebrity culture gone too far, and do we all really want to see this ubiquitous coverage celebrity videos and photos.

One school of thought is that our desire for discovering the dirty secrets of celebrities is a form of escapism from our own lives – especially if scandal is involved, then it somehow makes us feel better about ourselves. The Germans even have a word for this – they call it ‘Schadenfreude’ – taking pleasure from another persons misfortune.

The most common reason people give behind the celebrity culture is the desire to one day be famous too. It’s easy to understand why people would want this. Walking down the red carpet, being the centre of attention while surrounded by envious admirers, private jets, getting free meals at top restaurants and being adorned in the most fashionable and glamorous clothes.

What about those celebrities that we follow, what is it like to live on the receiving end of all this attention? The price of fame can be high. They are paraded in front of the rest of the world, having every small detail about their appearance and behaviour analysed by complete strangers. Personal privacy seems to become off limits as the paparazzi follow them everywhere. While most of us at some time will have to deal with the criticism from our friends and family, celebrities must endure the accusations of tabloid newspapers and magazines.

So what does this all mean? James Houran, a psychologist with the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine says, “We as a society are becoming overly preoccupied with celebrities and the fantasy images it evokes”. After surveying over six hundred people, James Houran’s team of researchers identified a psychiatric condition they have called ‘celebrity worship syndrome’. It’s an unhealthy interest in the lives of the rich and famous. According to the researchers, about a third of us have it to some degree. James Houran goes on to say, “Celebrities are no longer people who have special talents and attributes”. “Many celebrities are simply marketing products.”

Anthropologist Francisco Gil-White from the University of Pennsylvania said “Humans, unlike other species, obtain most of their information about the world from other humans.” He goes on to say, “We were selected not only to rank successful individuals highly and to prefer them as models, but also to kiss up to them in order to make them prefer us as interactional partners.”