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Planting Celebrity Gossip

Celebrity gossip is not always something that yellow journalist hunt out. There are times when the celeb gossip updates are provided to the entertainment sites by the celebrities themselves. There is an increased tendency among attention-stared celebrities to take center-stage by getting hold of the limelight and placing it firmly upon themselves. Planting updates to the sources tapped by the paparazzi is a practice that is not entirely new, but that is definitely getting redefined. Celebrities know that they can be in the news for only a designated period of time and that time span is very short. They have to make a continued, sustained effect to keep themselves in the news.

Planting celebrity gossip stories in newspapers and tabloids happened in the days of yore as well. You had jealous celebrities blowing the lid off scandals by calling celeb gossip publications. The motive for this was entirely professional jealousy or just rage at being dumped, rejected or slighted. All that changed with the coming of modern entertainment news. Because these portals are extremely popular with the masses, celebrities feel the need to reach out and connect with them. Its obvious that they cannot do that overtly. The only way they can do that is by planting stories about themselves.

An example here would illustrate the point better. Take for example the Kardashian family. They have been talking about their bruised relationships with their significant others. There was Kourtney Kardashian hinting that her relationship with beau Scott Disick was anything but normal. Her sister Khloe spoke in favor of her in celebrity gossip magazines. Their mother Kris Jenner lambasted Scott in another celeb gossip portal. Just when you thought that there was some truth in this and the relationships of the Kardashian sisters were actually fractured, you have all of them coming out, trashing every report and exhorting us not to trust entertainment news portals. It was like a bolt from the blue that scorched the tender faith that gossip lovers in these publications.

Here, the celebrity gossip reporters have an important role to play. They need to check facts before giving them up for press. Celeb gossip lovers love their news served with a bit of a tang. That is true. But they also like to know that they are reading entertainment news which has some degree of credibility. With modern technology, especially the internet, they can verify in seconds if a particular news item is a scoop or a figment of the imagination. They can also cross-check facts and data with other websites and publications. Thanks to the archives that you have online you can check out the back-stories of any new update that comes your way. This is a great way to check if a celebrity is planting a story for publicity.

Celebrities these days are convinced that any publicity is good publicity. They couldnt care less if the celebrity gossip columns speak about their personal affairs indiscriminately. They are only interested in celeb gossip sites when they talk and write about them. Plants or not, these celebs surely know how to grab columns in the entertainment news sections!

Celebrities That Have Hair Extensions

Its a well known fact that hair extensions are commonly used by celebrities to achieve a different look in a short space of time. You might be surprised at just which celebrities have them though!

Take a look at the following list to see whether you knew about any of these big stars:

1. Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas. Fergie is well known as a part of this group, as well as having some solo successes elsewhere. But her hairstyles are equally successful, thanks to the use of extensions.
2. Cheryl Cole. Perhaps one of the most famous of the current hair extensions exponents, Cheryl has achieved some sensational looks that every woman wants to copy.
3. Katie Price aka Jordan. This former model has launched herself into a totally new career in many respects, but she has always been known as much for her appearance as anything else.
4. Jessica Simpson. Formerly the star of Newlyweds with her then husband Nick Lachey, Jessica has made good use of various hair extensions over the years.
5. Britney Spears. Everyone knows Britney, the singer who has made headlines for lots of different reasons. Her changing hairstyles have often been the result of good quality hair extensions.
6. Paris Hilton. The great-granddaughter of the man who created the Hilton Hotel empire, Paris has achieved success in several fields. She has always been known for her locks though, and has used extensions on many occasions.
7. Eva Longoria. The Desperate Housewives star relies on extensions to maintain the look of her character on the show, having gone for a bob in real life.
8. Posh Spice. One of the five Spice Girls, Posh (aka Victoria Beckham) has enjoyed a kaleidoscope of hairstyles over the years. Thanks to hair extensions she has achieved more looks than she would have been able to otherwise.
9. Jodie Marsh. The model has joined the ranks of those TV stars who have successfully used hair extensions to change their looks and make their hair look fuller and more luscious.
10. Celine Dion. The world famous singer has also made good use of various hair extensions during her career.

It is truly incredible to see just how many people do rely on hair extensions to achieve the looks we all know them for. Not all celebrities have them of course, but some do and some have relied on them for years to achieve the best possible looks they are capable of.

Many celebrities change their looks almost on a daily basis at least thats how it seems to us. The secret behind these regular changes though is the use of various hair extensions. So the next time you see your favourite celebrity sporting a different hairdo for a film premiere or a television interview, think about how easily they might have achieved it.

The good news is that you can get similar results if you rely on top quality extensions just as they do.

How Friendship First Helps Enhance Romance Last.

Summer is in the air, and so is dating! With the fresh summer green, comes a new way to approach dating. The goal for this season? Focus on friendships first and make your romance last. Check out these wonderful tips on dating with a peaceful spirit this year.

1. Rid your life of toxic people: Keep those who are discouraging and who dont support and believe in you on the sidelines. Your energy field can take a turn for the worst with negative influences in your life.

2. Consider your spiritual path: Celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, who received an Ally for Equality Award at the 2011 Human Rights Campaign Los Angeles Dinner and Awards Gala, keep things in perspective by prioritizing things like helping those less fortunate than themselves. Give off positive energy by taking each interaction throughout your day and adding some cheer to it. Smile! It could make a big difference in someones life. Plus, confidence attracts. Its one step closer to finding your future mate.

3. Exercise and eat right: Being healthy will not only make you feel good about yourself, but your healthy glow will attract potential partners. Some foods with special vibrations to consider are cherries, which bring joy, and strawberries, which foster dignity. Working out can help to keep you balanced so that youre in the mindset to make the right choices.

4. Be friends for 8 months before dating: Meet as many people as possible and keep it friendly, even if the attraction is strong. Longtime Hollywood actress Goldie Hawn had a deep friendship with Kurt Russell before they were romantically involved, and theyre still together after 25 years!

5. Surrender Your Desire To The Universe: Let the Gods get working. Sometimes the universe needs some time to work its magic, so instead of micromanaging your love life, try to have faith that things will work out the way theyre supposed to work out.

6. Meditate: Meditation brings on a sense of delicious peace, which no other activity can accomplish. It also balances the left and right part of the brain. A-list celebrities like Richard Gere, Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie are no strangers to the practice, as theyre known to make quiet time for reflection a regular part of their busy schedules.

7. Be proactive: After youve taking the time to get to know someone on a spiritual level, its time to make a move. Plan a date that doesnt involve drinking alcohol, so that your minds are clear and ready to connect.

By utilizing these tips, you can increase your magnetism to such a level that youll attract someone with the same vibrations as yourself, even if he or she is on the other side of the planet!

Naini Nakagawa ( Founder of )

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Celebrities With Eating Disorders

Celebrities are some of the most seen people; they have to deal with cameras and people constantly staring at them. That is one of the biggest reasons why so many celebrities have eating disorders. Most of the celebrities have sought out treatment and speak freely of what it’s like living with a disorder.

Alanis Morissette: the Canadian singer has admitted to dealing with both anorexia and bulimia. She has been dealing with them for years. She says that it was the hardest for her between the ages of 14 to 18. She has now sought out treatment and claims to be better. She says that she works out two days a week instead of seven. She is still part of society, but is better at being able to deal with her disorders now that she is older.

Ana Carolina Reston: This fashion model has suffered from anorexia for most of her life. In 2006 at the age of 21 she lost her life to a complication due to her anorexia.

Ashlee Simpson: Ashlee Simpson, the younger sister to Jessica Simpson has admitted that she suffered from bulimia in her younger teen years; buy claims to be fully recovered. She was seen at times with a really low weight. She claims that she is happy with her body and that she doesn’t like it when women lose their curves. She also says that women should stop being so weight conscious and learn to love their bodies the way that they are.

Elton John: This well known British musician suffers from bulimia. He went into a rehabilitation program and when he reemerged from the program he seems to be fully recovered from his bulimia problem.

Geri Halliwell: You might know this singer by the name of “Ginger” from the spice girls. She admits publicly that she has suffered from anorexia, bulimia and binge eating for most of her life. Her weight was drastically fluctuating until she received treatment for her disorders. She is now on the road to recovery. She speaks from experience when she says that when you worry about and eating disorders it will suck you into a depression that just makes everything worse. She encourages anyone with an eating disorder to seek help it’s easier for you to get past this with some help then it is for you to try and do it on your own.

Mary-Kate Olsen: Mary-Kate has been denying her eating disorder for years, but in the recent past she has admitted to having a problem and decided to seek help. Even though she has been trying to get past her disorder; she is still having trouble with gaining weight and keeping it on.

Princess Diana: The Princess admitted to having a self harm eating disorder as well as bulimia. She sought help and became a spokesperson for different foundation that helped with different eating disorders.

Eating disorders are a big thing for celebrities that are trying to maintain their weight so that the can always look good for the public eye.

Real Cheap Celebrity Sunglasses

Celebrity Sunglasses

Celebrities and sunglasses go together. It is hard to imagine a celebrity being outdoors without sunglasses. In fact, the children of celebrities also sport sunglasses as some sort of “claim to fame label”. With this in mind, many manufacturers create celebrity sunglasses for those people who are in the public eye with some claim to popularity and fame. However, anyone can buy similar cheap sunglasses.

Celebrities wear sunglasses for a variety of reasons. The frames, glass and design of celebrity sunglasses take into account the likes and dislikes of the celebrity who will be wearing these glasses. In addition by wearing them, the celebrities are actually promoting or endorsing the specific brand or style of sunglasses. People are fascinated by anything worn by celebrities, and if they cannot afford the real ones, they can opt to buy cheap sunglasses which look like the originals but cost much less.

Quality of Sunglasses

Celebrity sunglasses do not have to be expensive. However, some outstanding features include UV protected lenses, the finest metal or plastic frames and they are made both for men and women in the latest styles. Both the expensive styles and the cheap sunglasses are available in various sizes and colors, and should be bought and worn according to the shape and size of your face. Buying expensive sunglasses because someone famous is wearing these glasses does not mean that these will suit you.

Prices of Sunglasses

Celebrity sunglasses are made of the best quality material, with special emphasis on craftsmanship. This makes these glasses very expensive and out of the reach of average people. However, if anything is worn by their favorite celebrities, owning a replica is a must for most of these people. So people buy cheap sunglasses that are imitations of the real thing. However, it is much better to buy replicas than ordinary fake sunglasses. The cheaper versions enable the masses to imitate the style of the classes.Both the expensive styles and the cheap sunglasses are available in various sizes and colors, and should be bought and worn according to the shape and size of your face. Buying expensive sunglasses because someone famous is wearing these glasses does not mean that these will suit you.

Imitation Sunglasses

Imitation sunglasses are available in different qualities according to the material used and its mass popularity. There are varieties in imitations sunglasses too as some are just a little better than others.

If you need to buy the real thing or replicas, your best bet would be to visit sungogsYou will find the most varieties of cheap celebrity sunglasses at prices that you can easily afford.

Improving public speaking

There are many ways of improving public speaking skills but probably the most practical way to start is to seriously consider what it is that you are presenting and the outcome that you aim to achieve at the end of your presentation.

It does not matter whether you are presenting a training course, seminar, public debate or merely an office meeting, if you have something to present then always, always, always do this. By knowing your destination, deciding upon a route is always easier and clearer. You also have a greater likelihood of getting there.

You should write this down and consider it at every stage of your planning and preparation. Your objective (s) should always be specific and realistically achievable.

Defining your aims and objectives will help you to stay focused on the outcome. Ask yourself:

What is your presentation designed to achieve?

Do I want to:

Inform, teach or train?
Motivate, stimulate or inspire?
Persuade, influence or sell something?
Explore options, debate or negotiate something?
Entertain or amuse my audience?

Of course you may want to combine two or more of the above, but you should always be focused on one primary objective, and always include something that is either entertaining, humorous, or unusual. Be careful to keep whatever it is relevant to your subject or presentation, but do try to get people out of their tunnel and encourage them to think, reflect and gain interest through something they did not know or have not thought about. Be very careful not to be too funny, and remember that humour is a very individual thing. When in doubt, ALWAYS leave humour out.

Having decided upon your specific goal or aim, it is important that you know how you will know that it has been achieved. What is it that the audience must do to confirm that you have achieved your goal?

In the case of training, the goal will almost certainly have been achieved when six things have happened (assuming that the training was not a one off).

1.Enthusiastic participation by the delegates.
2.Excellent feedback.
3.Delegates establishing their goals in relation to using what they have learned in the real world over an agreed period.
4.Positive feedback after the course, at a given future date, to confirm that delegates (and the company) have used what was learned and experienced measurable and positive results.
5.A good testimonial from the client.
6.More bookings from the client for future training.

In the case of a sales presentation, the outcome may be clear when the client buys the product or service. However, you primary objective may not have been to sell. It may have been to establish or create interest. But what if a primary objective to sell is not achieved for some reason, and the client does not buy? Well, in the case of sales presentations, it always pays to have a plan ‘B’, fallback option or secondary objective. It might be to get referrals or to gain an appointment with the potential client.

Whatever your presentation, always prepare from the point of view of your aims and objectives. Simply ask yourself:

What am I speaking about and what do I want the outcome to be?

If that does not provide the answer, then ask yourself:

What do I want my audience to do as a result of my speech?


If you want to learn more about presenting or any one of the sixteen aspects of presenting and giving great speeches visit my website

Effect Of Celebrity Dresses On Young Generation

In order to get good compliments, certain people start to imitate the celebrity dresses. They want to have same attitude and the behaviour as that of celebrity and it all around changes their perception. Sometimes people are so influential towards the celebrity dresses that they even can compromise on the basic necessities of life and switch themselves towards the greater level of the luxurious items. The dresses of the celebrity along with their shoes are being observed. Young generation is more interested and inclined towards the celebrity dresses as they are in the phase of experimenting. They try that whether one dress would look good or else they could imitate the dress of the eithercelebrity.

The flexibility level of the youngsters keep on changing due to craze of looking good as they keep on changing the dress fabric and pattern until it is finally being opted by them. Those individuals who are fan of celebrities, theyopt the fashion and imitate the celebrity dresses, no matter it is looking good on them or not. In such case they are not even influenced by their own preferences and interest. The choice of the youngsters and teenagers is defined by the celebrities in such situation. Theydo not have own pattern of fashion and lifestyle as it is all together dependent on the celebrity dresses.

On the other hand, celebrity needs to understand his/her responsibility in regard to the norms and values of the society. They must not wear such dresses which are against the accepted norms and values of the certain country as in such case people would get opposed to the celebrity and his/her dress.

Apart from having certain positive effects, celebrity dresses are also having the negative impact on the young generation. They want to have a dress as being worn by the celebrity but they are not concerned about the income level of the parents. So it is the responsibility of the parents to make their children aware of the reality. Along with the parents it is the responsibility of the media to make the teenagers aware of the certain facts and they also helps to endorse the celebrity in a positive but influential way.

Impact of the celebrity which is conveyed positively would positively influence the citizens of the country and they would realize the purpose of celebrity dresses. Inshort, celebrity dresses can affect the youngsters and teenagers both positively and negatively in an influential manner.

Celebrities’ Shades Preference White Sunglasses Have been Added in the List

As we know, as the eyewear market develops at the tremendous speed, there are increasingly number of sunglasses in shades field nowadays. Certainly, it has to be admitted that the power of celebrities’ shades preference can decide trends and development of the sunglasses designs and styles to a large extent. Here what I wanna share with you guys is celebrities’ shades preference, although a wide variety of shades are preferred by stars nowadays, here I have to say white sunglasses have been added in the list. Whatever, let’s check them out then.

Starting with Lady Gaga’ s white sunglasses, actually, it is reported that Lada Gaga appears in her new video for Bad Romance with so many different pairs of shades that it is sort of difficult to keep up. In the opening scene, we can find that she is wearing a pair made out of razor blades, literally, meanwhile, she brings heaps of props for each video that are one-of-a-kind, that’s her thing! By the way, as the photo shown above, Lady Gaga is wearing a pair of red sunglasses with oversized design which have been huge for the past couple of years. More specfically, the white frames have probably been the most popular in recent years.

Differ from Lady Gaga’s oversized design, Drew Barrymore just dons a pair of traditional white sunglasses with 50s style. Curly hair and pink lip, together with a pair of cute fashionable white sunglasses with white thick frames, Drew Barrymore has brought fans so many charms and a sense of>

Similar with Drew Barrymore ‘ s white sunglasses, Paris Hilton is seen here wearing a pair of white sunglasses just like Drew Barrymore’ s style, sexy blue thirt, and exquisite blue earring, it seems that she is going to visit a beautiful beach. Anyway, it has to be admitted that this sort of sunglasses are favored by so many female celebrities in present-day society.

Guess what, if you wanna find more choices of white sunglasses with celebrities styles, Firmoo which stocks a large selection of cheap glasses and sunglasses in stars’ designs may be you good choices.

Chloe Paraty, New it Bag Adored By Celebrities

From magazines, web pages and TV, have you noticed a bag with a strikingly outstanding look growing on more and more celebrities? Yes, it is Paraty bag which is commented as the new it bag from Chloe. After the hot items Paddington and Bay bags, Paraty fueled the powerful popularity of Choles new collection and spread the flaming blaze across the globe. If you are drooling over these bags, you better hurry up even you have several thousands dollars to drop because they are incredibly hot and sold out as quickly as they hit the stores shelves.

It is no surprise that Chole was crowned as the it bag birthplace again. Since 2005, Chloe earned remarkable reputation through the classic Chloe purses Paddington and Bay. Inspiration and creativity steer the companys development to a brand new and highly flourishing level. Retrospectively, each success of the fashion houses growth was achieved through free spirit and energetic innovation. Chole was founded in Paris by Gaby Aghion, 1952. The initiator has his unique point of view about Fashion and launched a line off the rack and also in high quality and fine materials. Then the first ready-to-wear fashion house was born, and the others followed then a new market was formed. Although handbags were launched later than clothing line, Chloe has won the big name of a fantastic handbag maker who produces amazingly fabulous bags. Their designs scream edgy, classic and elegant. Always crafted in the most sumptuous leathers and funky colors, Chloe handbag represents Frances highest standard of handcrafting.

The newly released Chloe Paraty is favored by some A-list celebrities the likes of Kate Bosworth, Katie Holmes, Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen. It features a simple, sleek and distinctive silhouette with rolled leather detail around the line of the trapeziform shape. The body of the bag and dual top handles are combined into a beautiful triangle which was formed with the rolled leather and the handles connecting each other. This is also a convertible bag with a detachable shoulder strap, thus you can use it as either a tote or a shoulder bag. It comes in soft leather as calfskin, lambskin or the spectacular python skin. The black python skin version is luscious with extremely gorgeous veins. Paraty python bag wins the hearts of crowds of fans and many have called Chloe boutiques to get their names on the waiting list. Besides black, it is also available in mustard yellow, fuchsia, cream and coffee colors. Described as chic, modern, cool and casual, Paraty bag combined with elegance and versatility becomes a must have for fashionistas.

A lady is incomplete without her handbag. It is awkward to have a mismatched bag with a luxuriant dress in a party. Glamorous Chloe bags in superb quality and refined workmanship are the essential complements to keep you in the limelight at any occasion. Buy through eurohandbag, you will get more satisfaction. Savvy ladies never follow trends, but select the timeless and classic items to create personal styles.